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Choice Wireless is a mobile service provider in the United States that offers free cell phone services to eligible customers under the Affordable Connectivity Program ACP (previously called the EBB program), Tribal Lifeline, & Standard Lifeline. It's a lifeline provider working in the states of Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. They have titled themselves "The largest Rural 4G LTE Network in the West". They also offer broadband services by the name Choice Broadband, and Choice NTUA Wireless offers premier telecommunications with affordable, quality cell phone service to the North American region. It's a known provider for the Navajo, the largest tribal people.

Anyone living in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, or Utah can use Choice Wireless as their lifeline service provider to offer free phone services.

Choice Wireless Phones:

Choice Wireless support brings your own device BYOD. Make sure that you have an unlocked smartphone, and under the Choice Wireless BYOD check-up, you need to enter your mobile phone IMEI number or serial number.

One can easily find the IMEI number of your device by dialing *#06#. If you have a single SIM device, then you will get one IMEI number, or else if it is a dual SIM device, then 2 IMEI numbers will be displayed on your phone as soon as you dial that special code.

Choice Wireless Compatible Phones List:

If you are searching for what devices work with Choice Wireless, then you have arrived at the right place for the right information. The following models work great on Choice Wireless -

Choice Compatible Phone



Moto G Power $159.99
Apple iPhone 11 $159.99
Apple iPhone XR $159.99
Apple iPhone 7 $159.99
Apple iPhone SE $199.99
Samsung Galaxy A51 $219.99
Samsung Galaxy A50 S506DL $199.99
Samsung Galaxy A20 S205DL $99.99
Samsung Galaxy A11 $199.99
Samsung Galaxy A10e $199.99
Samsung Galaxy A01 $59.99

Ntua Choice Wireless | Navajo Internet Service

Ntua is the name through which Choice provides 4G LTE fixed/mobile broadband services to homes and offices. It's an agreement signed by NTUA & Choice with a focus on FCC's "Keeping Americans Connected Pledge" to provide Internet to tribal Navajo residents living in Southwest USA.

Choice Wireless APN Settings:

When you want to connect your mobile to the Internet, you will need proper APN Settings.

When APNs are wrong you get troubles like Choice internet not working, mobile data too slow and many of the times mobile data might not work for you. In case of APN is greyed out or disabled, you can't really do anything except reset APN to default.

Hotspot Plans:

On their website, there is no mention that they offer hotspots or mobile tethering.

Read why the hotspot is not working on my phone

Choice Wireless Not Working

You would like to provide assistance to you when choice wireless isn't working. The solutions can we class tried into various types -

Choice Wireless Data not Working

There are some reasons why mobile data on your choice wireless might not work. Read why 5G isn't working.

Choice Wireless No Coverage

No network in the world has 100% coverage, and Choice Wireless is no exception. If you have no coverage on your phone, then please contact QLink wireless customer care for further help.

Choice Wireless Phone Number

For any assistance related to choosing a mobile phone or moving to the network, or any service-related complaints, you can reach Choice Wireless's customer care department at

US719-626-0000 or 611 from the registered mobile number
Navajo Nation928-730-2273

Can I bring my device to Choice Wireless?

Of course, under BYOD or BYOP, you can bring your existing mobile phone to the network.

Can I carry the Choice Wireless number to another network?

In any of the cases that you are unhappy with your Choice Wireless services then you can off your own service provider and keep your existing mobile number.

Can I use Choice Wireless SIM on another phone?

Yes, you can use your choice wireless SIM card in another phone provided that it's an unlocked phone and supports frequency bands offered by the network.

How do I report my Choice Wireless phone lost or stolen?

Sad to hear that your phone is lost or stolen. In such cases, you need to report this to your service provider so that they can arrange for a new SIM and get the old SIM blocked for you.

TruConnect Replacement Phone Application Online

How do I cancel my account with Choice Wireless?

If you no longer need Choice Wireless services, then you can cancel the subscription either through the app or website portal or by calling the customer care department.

What do I do if I lose my Phone?

Contact the customer service department and read further to get a device replacement, & SIM replacement. That's the first thing to do when your Choice mobile phone is lost.

Choice Wireless Phone Replacement:

Two different cases arise here -

  1. Buy a Phone from the Website: If you have bought a mobile phone from the website then it will come with a new SIM card, just put it in and activate it to get started.
  2. Buy a Phone from Amazon & Bring it to Choice: You can shop from a range of mobile phones from Amazon and get it on the network by checking compatibility.

QLink Mobile Replacement | Life Wireless Phone Replacement

Choice Wireless Addon Data:

Have you consumed your full monthly data? Try the following add-ons -

Monthly Recurring Full-Speed Data
$15 for 2 GB   |   $30 for 5 GB   |   $55 for 10 GB
One Time Full-Speed Data
$2 for 150 MB   |   $10 for 1 GB   |   $15 for 2 GB   |   $30 for 5 GB   |   $55 for 10 GB

Does Choice offer Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, through Wi-Fi calling on your Choice phone, you can talk to any phone number in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

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What network does Choice Wireless use?

Choice Wireless runs on the AT&T network to cater to its services.

So that's everything about Choice Wireless. You can join the discussion on our Facebook group regarding any queries related to the network.

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