Motorola Android 13 Update Phone List - Tracker

Motorola Android 13 update

Motorola Android 13 update phone list: here we go through a list of eligible Motorola phones to get the Android 13 update.

It has become a tradition for Android to launch a new Android version every year and after Android 12 the next Android version is Android 13. To get started, we have already gone through the general Android 13 update list tracker and also Samsung phones to get the Android 13 update. Further, we have details on how to get Android 13 launcher, themes & ringtones.

Motorola Android 13 update

A number of Moto phones are expected to get the Android 13 update and here we have gone through all those devices which will receive the update and also devices that will not be a part of this update.

When it comes to Android updates, the record of Motorola is exceptional as it gets regular updates. One of the main reasons why it gets regular updates is that it runs on almost the stock Android version with a minimum of bloatware.

So let's begin with the popular one first -

Moto Edge 30 Android 13 Update

The 2022 flagship phone runs on Android 12 out of the box, but it will be of great value when Android 13 comes to this device. That's the big expectation from the Moto Edge 30 owners.

Moto G52 Android 13 Update

The new launch G52 mobile is ready for Android 13 but it has to wait until 2023.

 Phone Model Eligible ETA
 Edge 30  Yes  Q1 2023
 Edge 30 Pro  Yes  Q1 2023
 Moto G82  Yes  Q1 2023
 Moto G52  Yes  Q1 2023
 Moto E32  Yes  Q1 2023
 Moto G Stylus 5G 2022  Yes  Q1 2023
 Moto G 2022  Yes  Q1 2023
 Moto G22  Yes  Q1 2023
 Moto G Stylus 2022  Yes  Q2 2023
 Moto Tab G70  Yes  Q2 2023
 Moto Edge X30  Yes  Q2 2023
 Moto Edge S30  Yes  Q2 2023
 Moto G200 5G  Yes  Q2 2023
 Moto G71 5G  Yes  Q2 2023
 Moto G51 5G  Yes  Q2 2023
 Moto G41  Yes  Q2 2023
 Moto G31  Yes  Q2 2023
 Moto Tab G20  No  Q2 2023
 Moto G60  No  Q2 2023
 Moto G72  No  Q2 2023

Motorola delivers timely software updates, and you can check out this in the special Motorola Software update section.

Moto Edge 30 Android 13 update:

Edge 30 is the first and foremost eligible phone to get the Android 13 OS update.

Moto Tab Android 13 update:

Yes, the Motorola-based tablets i.e., Moto G60, Moto Tab G20, and Moto Tab G70 will be upgraded to Android 13.

Moto G72 Android 13 Update:

The latest G72 runs on Android 12 OS and it qualifies for the latest 13 OS update.

The rumors regarding the 2023 Android OS, i.e., Android 14 are starting to come.

Motorola Android 14 Update:

So things are moving fast with the Android 14 OS expected to arrive by the end of this year.

So that's the Motorola Android 13 Update phone list and ETA details.

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Motorola Android 13 Update Phone List - Tracker
Motorola Android 13 update phone list: here we go through a list of eligible Motorola phones to get Android 13 update.
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