How to Fix QLink Wireless Hotspot Not Working

QLink Wireless hotspot locations & QLink tetheringQLink Wireless hotspot locations & QLink tethering

A quick guide on how to fix QLink Wireless Hotspot not working problems & issues on your phone.

Talking about QLink Wireless, we have written more than a dozen of articles on various topics such as APN settings, phone replacement guides, free tablet offers, and QLink compatible phones. We thought of writing about why QLink hotspot not working. Before we go through the actual guide let's check out what is QLink Wireless Hotspot.

QLink Wireless has tied up with more than 50 sponsors to bring free Wi-Fi hotspot connections to the United States. There are more than 10 million locations nationwide where you can connect your phone for free Wi-Fi access.

QLink Wireless Hotspot not Working

Hotspot on QLink Wireless means it's about accessing Wi-Fi hotspot locations but not turning on the mobile hotspot on your device (sharing of mobile data with other devices that you have). Mention here are the reasons why hotspot doesn't work on QLink -

Download a Recommended App

For the first-time user and as a reminder, you should be using the QLink My Mobile Account app on your smartphone to automatically connect to an available Wi-Fi hotspot nearby. It's a free-to-download app available for Android on Play Store and App Store for iOS.

Please Contact the Store:

If you are having trouble connecting to QLink hotspot, please contact the store manager or store operator to know whether these services are still available and if available process to connect to it. For example, if you are in a Best Buy Store or sitting in McDonald's, please contact the store operator/manager. They will assist you further or guide you to go to their IT technician.

Update My Mobile Account App:

Please check whether there is an update available for the QLink app. If available, then it's recommended to download it straight away.

Please Call QLink Phone Number:

If you are still unable to connect, then please call QLink customer care at 1-855-754-6543 and let them know where you are, and you have a problem connecting to QLink hotspot.

Change your Device:

If you are still unable to connect your device with a hotspot, then it's either possible that your device has the problem or you're unable to find the actual cause of the problem. You can either cancel QLink services or change your device to see whether you get fixed or not.

Tello iPhone Compatibility

QLink SIM in another phone

You can try out any other tips mentioned on any other web page in order to fix your hotspot problem but don't try out tricks like Mobile data apn hacks, they are not only harmful but may lead you to losses.

So that's it regarding a guide on how to fix QLink Wireless hotspot not working problem.

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How to Fix QLink Hotspot Not Working
A quick guide on how to fix QLink WiFi Hotspot not working problems & issues on your phone.
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