Can I put my QLink SIM card in another phone

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QLink Wireless is one of the top providers when it comes to free phone services from the US government. It has also started offering tablet PCs for free based on LifeLine and other participating programs. One of my Facebook friends who is using QLink services asked Can I put my QLink SIM card in another phone. When I looked out for the results, I found that many other users are confused about this, and as a telecom expert, I am happy to solve such problems on the web. Let me answer this for him and for other people who are on this page from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

In order to get a free QLink phone or tablet, you need to apply in order to check your eligibility and background. OK fine if you are using QLink services but what if you want to place QLink SIM in another mobile phone? Will it work?

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Can I put my QLink SIM card in another phone?

You might ask this question when your phone is broken or stolen or lost. There is no direct answer of YES or NO to this because your new phone should be compatible with the network bands that QLink uses.

QLink runs on the T-Mobile network and your phone should have the following bands atleast -

QLink 5G: n41, n71, n258, n260, n261

4G Bands: Band 2(1900 MHz), 4, 5(850 MHz), 66, 12, 71

3G Bands: Band 2(1900 MHz), Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz)

2G Band: Band 2 1900 Mhz

Unlocked Phone QLink:

If you have an unlocked phone then please go through QLink BYOD to check device compatibility. Most of the unlocked phones will work and to check compatibility please call QLink customer care representatives.

If QLink Phone is Lost?

If your free QLink phone is lost then you can ask for device replacement by paying a nominal fee of $25. There is no detail on which replacement phone you will get in such a case. Make sure that your QLink SIM is activated and has a valid plan.

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If you are able to make calls, send SMS, and are unable to use mobile data then please check out for proper APN Settings for QLink mobile



So if your unlocked phone has these bands or most of these bands then you can put your QLink SIM on the device doesn't matter whether it's a new Samsung mobile or Moto phone or BLU Phone or Plum Phone or a new iPhone.

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Can I put my QLink SIM card in another phone
One of my Facebook friends who is using QLink services asked Can I put my QLink SIM card in another phone. Check out details.
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