Can I Put my Cricket SIM card in Another Phone

Can I Put my Cricket SIM card in Another Phone

Cricket Wireless new phone compatibility check: Let me answer this can I put my Cricket SIM card in another Phone?

Mark Waugh from Kentucky on our Facebook Group related to mobile networks in the USA has asked a question via direct messaging to us. He has a Cricket Wireless SIM card and a Moto G Play phone, and now he wants to shift to a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone. He asked us whether he could use the existing Cricket SIM card in a new phone or not. This query related to phone compatibility is often asked by many and here we gonna answer that.

Can I put Cricket SIM card in Another Phone?

Cricket Wireless is a prepaid network owned by AT&T Wireless. Founded in 1999, it has more than 10 million subscribers in the USA. Its prime competitors are Verizon's Visible and Metro by T-Mobile.

Ok, let me come back to the topic of discussion - will my Cricket SIM work on a new phone?

You can use the same SIM card on a new phone on Cricket, provided that it's an unlocked mobile phone and supports GSM bands in the USA. In general, most of the unlocked phones, i.e., ready for use on any network, will work. You just need to make sure that you have the same SIM card size as required by the new phone. Most phones today in the range of $200 or $100 or more come with a nano-SIM card slot. So you will need to have a Cricket nano-SIM. If you don't have one, then talk to customer care and get one.

If you are still confused, then you can visit the Bring Your Own Device page on Cricket.

So that's it, simple and straightforward.

If you still have any confusion, then you can just call up Cricket Wireless customer care to talk to a representative.

Another question, in this case, arises is -

Will I need to change my plan with my new Phone?

No, you will not have to change your plan when you switch to a new mobile phone on Cricket. In fact, you can stay with the same plan without any hassle. Just make sure that your SIM card is compatible in size with the new phone, as most new phones support nano-size SIM.

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Cricket SIM Card Replacement:

By calling customer care, you can request a SIM card replacement on Cricket Wireless. It's quite an easy and hassle-free process. You need to make sure which kind of SIM are you looking for because traditionally right now all the smartphones are the new Galaxy phone, Motorola phone, Plum Phone, or other Android phones that come with the following standard SIM card sizes -

  • Nano SIM
  • Micro SIM
  • Mini-SIM

Out of this, Nano SIM is very much prevalent right now and your phone will mostly support this.

Cricket New SIM Card Same Number:

If you have somehow misplaced or need a 5G SIM then you don't have to change your number, just ask for a SIM replacement by visiting the nearest Cricket store. You will get a new SIM card activated within 24 hours and ready for use.

Where to Buy Cricket SIM Card:

If you are looking to buy Cricket SIM on BYOP, then you can order one directly from Amazon with next-day delivery and get onboarded to Cricket with your plan. This is a 3-in-1 SIM card

and works on all kinds of SIM sizes as mentioned above.

Click the banner to order Cricket Wireless SIM -

Buy it from Amazon

How Much is a Cricket SIM Card

The Cricket SIM costs you $9.99 and includes a prepaid universal SIM card available in three sizes -

  • Nano
  • Micro
  • Mini

Depending on your smartphone you can insert the SIM size as mentioned above.

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Final Words:

So that's all we have in the discussion related to the Cricket SIM card on another mobile phone. Also, check out the Cricket ACP program. Do ask us any questions that you have.

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