How to Change Font Size on BLU Cell Phones or on Bold Phone

how to change BLU phone font size

In this guide check out how you can change font size on BLU cell phones.

BLU Products (misspelled as Blue Phones) comes out with a new unlocked smartphone every month. You can check out new launches and upcoming devices here. Senior citizens like to have a big font size but people like me want every info on a single page so I love medium font size. Everyone has their own choice and this is why the need for customizing font size and font came in smartphones.

Font Size on BLU:

Changing the font size is easy because all BLU phones are powered by the Android operating system out of the box. Follow the process mentioned below -

  1. On your phone, open Settings from the app drawer.
  2. Now scroll down until you find the option of Display.
  3. Here you will find all the display-related settings. Our job here is to enlarge font size so we will be taping on the Font size option.
  4. There are four different font size options available, they are (text below screenshot) -
    • Small
    • Default
    • Large
    • Largest

This guide will work on the phones from BLU Products, Bold Phone, and in general on any Android smartphone.

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A preview of the font size is available on the top. You can apply to see what works fine for you.

Final Words:

So that's how to change the font size on BLU Cell Phones or on Bold Phones. Do let us know which font you like.

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How to Change Font Size on BLU Cell Phones
In this guide checkout how you can change font size on BLU cell phones or Bold Phones including Bold N1, BLU G91, BLU G90/G90 Pro/G9/ G9 Pro.
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This post was published on September 8, 2023 9:14 AM

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