Bold Phone Warranty on Battery, Headphones & Accessories

BLU Bold phone warranty

Check out Bold phone warranty on the device, battery, accessories, and how to claim process.

You might have already known that Bold is a new brand by BLU Products, and they already have a good number of smartphones in this series as well.

You have arrived at this page looking for a Bold phone warranty, let us go through all the details related to it.

Bold Phone Warranty

Each and every cell phone or electronics item makers have to include a warranty or guarantee disclosure with the products that they sell in the market.

All the bold smartphones come with an official one-year warranty from the date of purchase of the device and 6 months warranty on accessories and batteries.

Now there is a difference between a warranty and a guarantee and this is quite understandable when talking about smartphones which usually come with a warranty but no guarantee.

How to claim Bold phone warranty:

When it comes to warranty, there are a few things that are covered and not covered. The company will repair your bold mobile, or it may get replaced if it's needed, depending upon companies terms and conditions. For this, the company will take anything from one week to 15 days of the time period.

In order to request a Bold phone replacement under warranty, you will have to approach the BLU Products customer care representative or directly approach the authorized BLU service center which is nearby to your location.

Battery Warranty:

Every day we have to deal with charging of the phone as the battery is an important part. Most mobile phones are made with a battery that lasts for 2 or 3 years.

Bold Phone battery warranty: 6 months

Bold Accessories warranty: 6 month

Bold Phone warranty Expired:

If your Bold phone has got warranty expired, then two things can be done -

Use the device as normal until it last


If the phone warranty has got expired, then you can purchase one from any of the third-party providers on Amazon. We found Asurion as the best device protection provider. You can go with 3 years electronics protection plan for only $33 or 2 year exclusive mobile accidental protection plan.

Click the link below to check out -

Bold Phone Headphones warranty:

Since the headphone is an accessory to your device, it comes with six months warranty from the date of the purchase of the device.

If the headphones of your device have been damaged then don't worry because you can purchase a wide range of headphones from Amazon from over-ear headphones, earbuds, or the latest Bluetooth headphones.

Bold N2 Warranty:

Bold N2 includes the same 1-year warranty on the device and 6 months warranty on accessories like battery, headphones, or case that is supplied with the device.

BLU Bold Like us warranty
New Phone Warranty

Warranty on Bold N3 Phone:

The latest Bold N3 phone comes with the same warranty as above.

Final Words:

So that's all we have regarding the Bold phone warranty details. Talking about the new phone warranty, it applies to all.

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Bold Phone Warranty on Battery, HeadPhones & Accessories
Check out Bold phone warranty on the handset, battery, accessories like headphones, USB cable, charger and how to claim process.
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