How to Fix Google Voice App not Working on iPhone/Android Fix

Google Voice App not Working

Google Voice is a great way to make free VoIP calls and send text messages in the United States, but for rest Google Voice App not working as it's not available officially due to telecom regulatory permissions. For those who are living in US, there are also reporting multiple issues per month. If you have a small business at home or if you are a professional service provide, then Google Voice not working might reflect poor branding.

If you are running a business, small or big, you should be aware of fact and obstructions you might be facing with the services that you opt because it can create a bad client experience.

One of the biggest problem with the Google products is that they don't offer any kind of customer support, and yet they are successful in many niches. But still no product is 100% error free and there are several Google Voice app issues are found regularly. Most of these issues are fixed in the next update release.

Google Voice App not Working

Here I have listed all the error and issues reported by users with Google Voice app and I have provided the possible solution for it.

One of the user on Reddit says Google Voice calls not ringing, some other reported "Voice app isnt available". These two are among the most reported issues.

Google Voice Isnt Available:

This Error shows up when your country has no permissions set by the app developer to use their services. As of now, this voice calling app by Google is for customers in the United States and Canada and doesn't work in countries like Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia & others.

You just need to wait for Google to allow your country out of the not allowed list, and only the search engine giant knows when to.

But if you live in a country where Google Voice is legally allowed, still might run into some issues like -

Check for Internet Connection or Mobile Data:

If you are unable to access Google voice account then first thing you should do is to check your Internet for probable fix. Check out incoming Wi-Fi or mobile data not working.

Update the Google Voice App:

The second troubleshooting steps you should follow is to check for the app update. If any available, then you can update it straight away. Sometimes a new version release might throw away a random error, and it's generally fixed in the update version.

No Ringing for Incoming Calls or Miss Calls:

If you don't answer your phone, it will show up in the miss calls list, and it's not a good sign. This might be the case with you if you don't fix it.

Cant Make International Calls:

With the free Google account on the Voice app, you can't make international calls. For this facility, you need to purchase calling credits.

Poor Sound Quality:

When you are talking on phone, the voice quality is an important thing. What if you are able to connect but can't understand what the other person is saying or there is some noise interference or echo? It leads to bad experience. Sadly, Google Voice doesn't have a great sound quality. Their services are improving but still they need to catch up with other VoIP providers.

Google Voice Loading Slow on Browser:

You can access Google Voice from any browser as well, and this is the biggest advantage of the platform. For this, you just need to head to

VoIP Adapter with Google Voice Support:

Most of the VoIP adapters are not compatible with Google Voice, but few does the work. Here are the Google Voice compatible VoIP adapters -

Obihai OBi200 1-Port VoIP Adapter

This product by Polycom comes with Fax and Google Voice support. It also includes Soho phone service. It works with four VoIP services across one phone port. This device will allow you to fix Voice app errors permanently.


  • Four VoIP services in One port
  • One USB port
  • One Internet USB port

Price: $63.57

Obihai OBi202 1-Port VoIP Adapter

The Obihai device allows you to make and receive phone calls using a multitude of VoIP services for free.

Price: $63.57

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Final Words:

So that's all about the Google Voice app not working fix. It's quite easy to resolve this issue, not so much technicality is needed.

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