Are BLU Phones good?

I am holding a BLU phone, the BLU G9

Several people have asked me the same question on our Facebook page are BLU Phones Good? Let me answer it here for you.

BLU Products with the tagline "Bold Like Us" are the leading-unlocked smartphone makers in the United States, and they come up with mostly dual SIM smartphones supporting 4G LTE networks (1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/28), 3G bands: (850/900/1700/1900/2100) i.e., offers nationwide compatibility on all USA GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, TracFone, Cricket Wireless, Metro PCS, Assurance Wireless and others. Sadly their phones are not compatible with CDMA Networks like Verizon, Sprint, and Boost Mobile.

Are BLU Phones Good?

Several users on Facebook have asked me on our BLU fan page and support Facebook group about the reliability of BLU phones. For them, I have made things easy by redirecting them to this page and clearly making them understand what BLU Phones offers. This also makes my work easier because I don't have to type so many words.

Among the few questions that users have asked me are -

Are BLU Phones reliable?


Are BLU Phones any good?


Is BLU a good cell phone brand?


Are BLU Phones good quality?


What happened to BLU brand?

So let me answer this by keeping a few things in mind -

  1. Price: The price of the device is the major factor
  2. Specifications: Specs of the device is the other important parameter to keep a check
  3. Product Quality: You also need to check the quality of the device
  4. Support: Check whether the company provides support via customer care and even software support.

Keeping those 4 parameters, the BLU phones make devices that are good in specifications and comparatively $30 to $50 less than the same spec'd phone by Samsung Galaxy, LG or Motorola, or any other brand.

Further at $100 no phone manufacturer provides OTA updates. If you are asking for an Android 12 update on a $100 phone, then I am sorry, you will have to deal with the Android version on it.

BLU Phone Warranty:

BLU Products provides 6 months warranty on batteries & accessories and one year warranty on the device. You can learn more about BLU Phone warranty and claim process.

What Does BLU Stands For |โ‡”| BLU USB Drivers

BLU 5G Phone Good or Bad?

The first 5G phone by BLU i.e., the BLU F91 5G is an amazing device making 5G available for a price under $250. Excellent and worth going with it.

Similarly, the newly launched Bold N2 is here as a second 5G phone by the BLU brand available at $229.99.

How to Check out Mobile Phone Customer Reviews:

Since BLU sells mobile phones on their website and via Amazon apart from their website, it's great to check out the customer feedback/review section to know what customer feels about the device.

For example, check out the BLU F91 reviews by customers here, they are almost positive. You should always consider the average rating and it should be above 4. And F91 has 4.3 among 500 total reviews, that's great.

Similarly, check out reviews of other mobiles too.

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No doubt that BLU provides great phones in the affordable and mid-range, but it's the support (both customer and software) that is where people are complaining the most. This is the key area where they need to improve, but it's not happening to them. I hope Mr. Samuel Ohev Zion is reading this.

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Are BLU Phones any Good? Are BLU Phones Reliable!
Several peoples have asked me the same question on our Facebook page that Are BLU Phones Good? Let me answer it here for you.
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