Best Way to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on iPhone & Android

Best Way to Manage Multiple Instagram AccountsBest Way to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Do you have multiple Instagram accounts? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place looking for the best way to manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Managing two or more Instagram accounts or any other social accounts can be a problem. For Facebook, Twitter it's quite easy on desktop but on mobile things are a bit hard to do because we access them through apps. Officially no social media sites don't allow you to have two accounts but since people have different businesses or identities, it comes to the mind of people to have multiple Instagram accounts, multiple Facebook accounts, multiple WhatsApp accounts, and dual profiles on other popular social media sites. My quest for the same thing began on my Bold N1 mobile or as I was looking to handle two or more social media profiles. Even Google Chrome allows managing multiple profiles, why don't others.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Certainly, you are at the right place for the right information on managing two or more Instagram accounts. I have been doing this to manage my Instagram profile alongside BLUCellPhones Instagram page. Do you desire to have the same thing?

Manually Manage Two Instagram Accounts

Manually you will have to log out from the primary Instagram account and then again login to your secondary profile to manage dual Instagram accounts. That's a big headache not only for me but also for anyone else. Next, I tried to open my secondary Instagram account from the browser. It worked for me and it will work for you but it's not time effective and still, the quest for the best way to manage Multiple Instagram Accounts efficiently was my priority.

Follow the process mentioned below in order to manage two Instagram IDs on your Android or iPhone -

Step 1: First login with your primary Instagram account by downloading the official Instagram app from Play Store.

Step 2: Once that is done, the trick is to download the Parallel Space app and install it.

What is Parallel Space App?

Parallel Space is designed to run multiple social accounts on the same mobile phone which is a tedious task. But this problem is solved by using the Parallel Space app. For the iPhone, this app also exists on the App Store.

Just like Parallel Space, there are many such apps that allow you to run multiple social accounts on your mobile phone. You can check from Play Store itself or App Store for iPhone.

Best Way to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

So here is the quick guide on the best way to manage multiple IDs or accounts -

  • Open the Parallel Space app.
  • It will automatically list all the apps that you have installed on your mobile phone.
  • Select the 'Instagram' icon and click 'Add to Parallel Space'. Provide the required permissions.
  • Now on the next screen, tap on the Instagram logo to enter the second account credentials.
  • There you go, you now have two Instagram accounts.

I have also gone through a video guide for the same -

OpenGApps for Android
Android 12 Download APK

So those were the ways to manage multiple Instagram accounts on iPhone & Android mobile phones.