How to Fix WhatsApp Message Delete Automatically

How to Fix WhatsApp Message DeleteHow to Fix WhatsApp Message Delete

Several users in various forums have complained that their WhatsApp Chat messages are automatically getting deleted. Here is what you can do to fix this.

WhatsApp is the #1 social messaging app used by many. Statistically speaking this social messaging app is used by 1 billion active users worldwide[Source:Statista].

WhatsApp recently rolled out a new feature, called the "Disappearing messages". Through this feature, the app developers want to reduce the size of the WhatsApp backup by deleting the messages those are not important and providing an option to delete them in your individual or group chat. Through these settings, you can determine which messages you want to keep and auto delete others.

WhatsApp Message Delete:

Although I understand that WhatsApp Disappearing messages is a great feature addition because it reduces backup file size but it comes at the cost of important messages being deleted without your knowledge. This concern is more for WhatsApp Business users because they sent orders/invoice proforma/ quotation and other business details to their customers. Their business deal via messages will get deleted if Disappearing messages are turned ON under Settings.

This is how it appears -


So what you need to do is to disable disappearing messages in WhatsApp messanger on your mobile phone.

Here is how you can avoid auto WhatsApp message delete by disabling the Disappearing messages -

  • Open WhatsApp Chat.
  • Tap on Contact's name.
  • Tap on Disappearing messages.
  • A new prompt will open and there you need to tap on "OFF".

That's it! Very simple and easy guide. It works on the following mobile phones -

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So that's how you can fix WhatsApp messages getting deleted automatically error.