Standup Wireless APN Settings 2024 for iPhone/Android Mobiles

Standup Wireless APN Settings

Check out Standup Wireless APN Settings 2024 for Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android run devices.

Standup Wireless is a state-run free government service provider in the United States (registered ACP telecom network) and as such, they are dependent on the major three networks.

You need correct APN settings for perfect data reception on your mobile phone through 4G LTE, and 5G reception, and below are Standup Wireless APN Settings for any mobile phone.

So let's keep rolling.

Standup Wireless APN Settings:

APN settings for your mobile can be found under Settings > Mobile Data or Internet option > APN or Access Point Names on Android mobile phones and for iPhone detailed guide is given below.

The following are the values to be entered correctly -


Standup APN

 Name  internet
 APN  internet
 Port  80
 MMS Proxy  80
 MMS Port
 MCC  470
 MNC  02
 Authentication Type
 APN Type  default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri
 APN Protocol  IPv4/IPv6
 APN Roaming Type  IPv4
 Enable/Disable APN
 Bearer  Unspecific
 MVNO Type

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APN Settings for iPhone:

  1. APN: internet
  2. Username:
  3. Password:

LTE Setup (Optional)

  • APN : internet
  • Username
  • Password

MMS Internet Settings



 APN  mms
 MMS Proxy
 MMS Message Size  1048576

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Verizon 5G not working

Standup Wireless Internet Not Working:

If you have this problem, it could be due to several reasons, and you need to try out troubleshooting the 4G/5G mobile internet step by step. Go through our guide on how to fix mobile data not working or even fix issues when mobile data is too slow


Final Words:

If your phone's APN is locked or greyed out there is one thing to contact your customer care and don't try out tricks like unlimited data APN hack.

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Check out Standup Wireless APN Settings 5G/4G LTE for Apple iPhone, iPads and Android run devices.
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