Google Maps adding Traffic Lights on Android

Google Maps Traffic LightsGoogle Maps Traffic Lights

Apple Inc has always been first and last year with iOS 13 they introduced traffic lights into Apple Maps enabling drivers to get an extra bit of information on stop signs during navigation. Google Maps is yet to add this feature but as reported "Google Maps Traffic Lights" feature is now rolling out to users on their Android mobile phone.

Google Maps is one of the main business of Google, something that the Mountain View search engine giant should be proud of. It took 15 years in the making and the development continues to cater to more customers.

After integrating YouTube Music into Maps, a recent report from Droid Life claims that Traffic Lights features on Google Maps is now visible or atleast its under testing phase. The report cites screenshots taken by readers living in West Des Moines city, Iowa showing traffic lights in several intersections around the city.

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The feature appears to be in the early stage of development and it's only available to a small number of users who have noticed it. There is more to develop in this story.

How to Show Traffic Lights on Google Maps

This feature is currently under testing, still not even in alpha or beta stage. So you can actually have the settings on how to show Google Maps Traffic Lights on app.

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Source: Droid Life