How to Uninstall Multiple Apps on Android - Batch Remove Android Apps

How to Uninstall Multiple Apps on Android

In this guide check out how to uninstall multiple apps Android using Play Store.

Running out of storage on your phone? This could probably for the reason being many apps on your phone installed. The world is moving on App-based equally like the Internet website. For example, if you want to pay the electricity bill, your providers recommend you to install their app although they have their own website and it can be also paid using other service providers. Even banks have integrated Utility bill payments through their net banking portals and apps too. The problem is that these apps consume space on your phone and not all have high-end phones. Most 70% smartphones have 32 GB or 64 GB storage on their phone. So installing those apps will consume space and sometimes we don't even realise that we have used 90% of storage. In such a case, if you are recording a video then you can't because of storage problems. In such cases, you will have to install apps or delete files. Removing apps one by one is a time-consuming process and you can make it quick by mass uninstall apps on Android.

Uninstall Multiple Apps Android

Follow the process mentioned below in order to uninstall multiple apps on Android mobile easily -

  1. Open App drawer on your mobile phone.
  2. Find Google Play Store on the app drawer and tap to open it.
  3. Now under Google Play Store, tap on "My Apps & Games".
  4. Now you will see all those apps installed on your phone. Further, the phone will have sub-sections, which are - Updates, Installed, Library, & Beta.
  5. Go to the Installed section and tap on Storage. Then you will see a list of apps installed on your phone.
  6. Now select the apps that you don't want and click on "Free Up".
  7. Agree to the prompt and this will get rid of the unwanted apps at once on Android phones.
  8. So that's the traditional way how to remove multiple apps from an Android phone.

There are many bulks uninstall Android apps on Play Store. But the one that I prefer is ES File Explorer and Astro File Manager. These two apps are primarily file managers that do many more things.


Bulk Uninstall apps Using ES File Explorer:

  • Install ES File Explorer from Play Store.
  • Open ES File Explorer
  • Tap the Hamburger icon to open the sliding menu.
  • Go to Library >> App.
  • Select all the apps that you want to uninstall. To multiple select apps, long-press any one app first. Then tap all other apps that you want to select.
  • Tap Uninstall. All the apps that you have selected will be uninstalled one after the other.

Bulk Uninstall apps Using Astro File Manager

  • Install Astro File Manager from the Play Store.
  • Open Astro File Manager once installed.
  • Tap the Hamburger icon to open the sliding menu.
  • Go to Tools >> App Manager
  • Tap to select Apps (Do not long press, only tap)
  • Tap 'Uninstall'.

Is Mass Delete Android Apps possible?

Yes, it's possible to mass delete Android apps.

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So that's the guide on how to Uninstall Multiple Apps on Android smartphones.

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Batch Remove Android Apps: In this guide check out how to uninstall multiple apps Android using Play Store.
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