Tesla Phone: Everything You Need to Know About

Tesla phone release date

Everything to know about Elon Musk's Tesla phone such as release date, pre-order, features, and more.

Tesla needs no introduction for young enthusiasts. It has already revolutionized the automobile industry and plans to enter the technology field by entering the market. Following the rumors, Tesla is expected to develop a Model Pi/P phone soon. But, there is no official clue for this piece of news.

All this stemmed from a tweet by Elon Musk that he may consider making an Alternative phone if Apple takes down Twitter from the Apple store. He previously claimed that Apple threatened to withhold the Musk-owned social media site from its Apple store without giving any reason.

However, the rumor has sparked curiosity among users on what unique features the automobile giant may introduce in its phones.

What is the Release Date for Tesla Phones?

Tesla has a reputation for introducing new and unique products in the market. For instance, their fast Tesla Model S, Powerful Tesla Semi, etc. So, we can expect that Tesla Phone is set to change the technology industry forever. But, Tesla is still working on launching important projects like launching their EV cyber truck. Consequently, it is expected that the company won't launch its phone anytime soon.

What is the Rumored Price for Tesla Phones?

The Tesla Phone is expected to have the latest and exciting features. So, it will cost a few more dollars than any other smartphone. The first batch of Phones may not be affordable for many. But, the later versions are expected to have a comparatively lower price when the technology becomes common. Consequently, the predicted cost can range between $800-$1,200. Will it be the first phone with 240 Hz display?

Are the Pre-orders for Tesla Phone Open?

As Tesla is busy working on its Cybertruck, the pre-order option is unavailable. Still, the company can release an official statement and begin pre-orders soon. Although, the Tesla Phone shall take months its release.

What are the expected features of the Tesla Phone?

Tesla has been at the forefront of including unconventional features in its models. So, we are even getting some rumored news about the expected features of the Tesla Phone that can consist of the following:

Satellite Internet

How about using Satellite Internet on your phone without any network issues?

Smartphones are incomplete without accessing the internet. So, you always look for the best internet service on your smartphone. New phones are now released that support 5G internet speed. We can expect the Tesla Phone to support 5G data. Alongside this, it shall help SpaceX's space-based internet service, Starlink. This will pave the way for Elon Musk's satellite internet to lead ahead of Hughesnet & Viasat services.

Vehicle Control

How about controlling your Vehicle from your phone?

Tesla vehicles are equipped with the best levels of technology.  Further, they have dedicated Tesla apps for use on Mobile devices. These apps can execute car functions like locking/unlocking the door or controlling the media player. So, Tesla Phones can come with these apps pre-installed for vehicle Control. Moreover, Tesla can even introduce several exclusive apps and features for Tesla Phone users.


How about capturing our fabulous stars and moons for your mobile devices?

The latest phones with AI allow you to click clear pictures of the stars and moons. But, Tesla Phones can have a function of SpaceX's extraterrestrial focus to clear the images of the star-filled night sky with unmatched quality. Moreover, it may help you click photos of astronomical objects, unlike any other phone.

Neuralink Support

How about controlling your Mobile from your mind?

Although this sounds like a concept from science fiction movies, Tesla and SpaceX are known for giving life to science fiction concepts. So, the company is working on making Neuralink to link technology with activities of the human mind. An early application of this concept could be controlling apps with Neuralink.

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Summing Up

With the discussions over the Tesla phone being in the rumor stage, it isn't easy to know the exact launch date or price. However, the rumors about its launch and expected features have already sent Tesla fans into a frenzy. But we will provide you with all the latest developments of the Tesla phone as soon as official announcements are made. So, stay tuned.

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When is Tesla Phone Coming out: Everything You Need to Know About
Following the rumors, Tesla is expected to develop a Model Pi/P phone soon. But, there is no official clue for this piece of news on Tesla phone.
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