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Walmart mobile hotspot; Walmart hotspot not working on iPhone Android

Are you a Walmart Family Mobile owner then here is how you can turn on your Walmart mobile hotspot.

Walmart Family Mobile is a great carrier that offers great savings on monthly smartphone charges. It's now a property of T-Mobile the third-largest carrier in the USA that acquired Sprint (4th largest network operator) as well. The network brings support for mobile phones for Plum Phone, BLU phones & others.

Does Walmart family mobile allow hotspot or tethering?

Yes, you can share your internet with your loved ones on Walmart's family mobile. Read below for full details.

Walmart Mobile Hotspot

It's a no-contract service provider that also has Pay-As-You-Go PAYG plans and also offers hotspots on the devices along with an active monthly plan.

The following are the various plans of Walmart family mobile that allow tethering -

Walmart $25 & $35/month Plans

The entry-level plans offer unlimited talk text and data but with caps or limits and the good thing is that they allow Mobile hotspots with any of the plans we eat either the $25 plan or the $30 a month plan.

Family Mobile $40/month Plan

Since the entry-level family mobile plans have mobile speed caps, you will have a slow speed in the hotspot so it's either equal to not having a hotspot because the hotspot device will be sharing 2G data after the speed limit of 2 GB and 5 GB per month are consumed. So is better recommended to go with the $40 plan that comes with dedicated 10 GB of hotspot data.

Family Mobile $50/month plan:

This plan comes with 30 GB of hotspot data that you can share with your friends and family and it will get renewed the next month.

Walmart $75/month plan:

If you have a high requirement of sharing mobile data frequently then would be a great choice if you go with a $75-a-month plan that offers 30 GB of hotspot data per line.

So here is a table showing how much hotspot data you get with each plan -

Mobile Plan Hotspot Data Allowed
$24.88 plan Mobile Data allowed
$29.88 plan Mobile Data allowed
$39.88 plan 10 GB
$49.88 plan 30 GB
$74.88 plan 30 GB

Note: Plans are subject to change.

Walmart Family Mobile Hotspot not Working:

If you are unable to share mobile data on Walmart family mobile then ensure the following -

Restart & See:

Restart both the device and the receiving device and check whether it's working or not. That's the first step to do.

Network Issues:

Make sure you have entered the right Wi-Fi network and the password.

Check Receiving Device:

The problem may be with the receiving device. Check for it.

Check for Passwords:

Sometimes it might happen that the receiving data is actually not capable of accepting any Wi-Fi or you may have entered the wrong password or other thing. Please check all the details carefully.

Try Alternatives:

Try USB or Bluetooth tethering. Try both and check if they work for you.

Reset your network settings and check if it fixes the problem or not.

Hotspot data limit reach:

We have already gone through the various Walmart hotspot plans and the amount of data that you can share is clearly mentioned. So once you have used all those limits you will not be able to access the internet on the receiving device. Insert case your monthly data limit will be restored the next month in the billing cycle.

Total Wireless Hotspot

QLink Hotspot

Spectrum Mobile Hotspot

Family Mobile Hotspot data slow


Although both entry-level plans have tethering features, they come with limited high-speed data. Once this data is consumed you will have to use 2G and your hotspot device will be sharing 2G data which definitely results in slow data at the receiving device. To fix this issue you need to upgrade to a better plan check out the table above.

Contact Support:

Finally, try to contact Walmart's customer care department for further help.

You can check out various reasons why hotspot isn't working on your Apple iPhone or on your Samsung Galaxy or other Android mobile phones.

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So that was all about the Walmart Mobile hotspot plans, hotspot not working, and other details.

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Are you a Walmart Family Mobile owner then here is how you can turn on your Walmart mobile hotspot.
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