Latest & Best BLU Bold Phones Price List | Upcoming Bold Mobiles 2020

Here we have gone through Best BLU Bold Phones alongside providing you insight on BLU Bold phone Price List and upcoming Bold mobiles.

BLU Products is proud to introduce all-new Bold Phone a sub-brand. Taking a dip into budget flagship phones, the Florida based unlocked smartphone seller in the United States launched Bold N1 which comes at a price of $199.99 on Amazon. That would be the strategy for BLU to come out with flagship models under $200 or even less.

Bold Smartphones 2020

As of now, the Florida based smartphone seller has launched BOLD N1 mobile in September 2019. It has received a lot of positive response from the customers for being such a budget-friendly flagship device.

Bold Phone Price List

Here is the price of Bold phones –

Model Name Price Buy Now Link
Bold N1 $199.99
Bold T5
Bold T5 Plus
Bold N2

Upcoming Bold Mobiles

Here are the Bold Mobiles upcoming expected –

Bold T5 & Bold T5 Plus

Both Bold T5 & T5+ have been certified at FCC and they are about to launch.

Bold N1 Pro or N1 Plus

If BLU is not in hurry, then it can introduce intermediate Bold N1 Pro and N1 Plus to delay the launch of flagship after all flagship like OnePlus launches a mobile once a year with an intermediate within that period.

Bold N2

The Bold N2 is expected to be the Bold N1 successor. This could be a true Bold flagship phone at $300.

Bold N3

If BLU wants to clone OnePlus or Apple, then they will follow the odd numbering system for their mobile phones. So it will be Bold N3, Bold N5, N7, and N9 mobiles.

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Latest & Best BLU BOLD Phones Price List, Upcoming BOLD Mobiles 2020
Here we have gone through Best BLU BOLD Phones alongside providing you insight on BLU BOLD phone Price List and upcoming Bold mobiles 2020 which includes Bold T5, Bold T5 Plus.
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