Latest & Best BLU Bold Phone Price List | Upcoming Bold Mobiles 2023

Best BLU Bold Phones Price List in the background is the Bold N1 mobile, the first Bold phone

Here we have gone through Best BLU Bold Phones alongside providing you insight on BLU Bold phone Price List and upcoming Bold mobiles.

BLU Products is proud to introduce the all-new Bold Phone a sub-brand. Taking a dip into budget flagship phones, the Florida-based unlocked smartphone seller in the United States launched Bold N1 which comes at a price of $199.99 on Amazon. That would be the strategy for BLU to come out with flagship models under $200 or even less.

We have already gone through the list of Best BLU phones, here we go through Best Bold phones to buy.

What is Bold Mobile?

Bold Mobile is a new line of smartphones by BLU Products, a Miami-based company. BLU is a well-known unlocked smartphone seller in the United States and Canada. Most of their phones are in the range of $50 to $300 and Bold also targets mobile customers in the same range.

Why was Bold Phone Launched?

It looks like Samuel Ohev Zion, CEO at BLU Products created Bold phone as a separate brand in order to overcome the BLU malware issue of August 2017. Since then, several people have questioned the integrity of the company's mobile phones.

Bold Smartphones 2023

As of now, the Florida-based smartphone seller has launched the BOLD N1 mobile in September 2019. It has received a lot of positive responses from customers for being such a budget-friendly flagship device.

Bold Phone Price List

Soon after the launch of Bold N1, the series got expanded and came up with a few phones. Here are the price of various Bold phones available on the market -


Model Name Price Buy Now Link
Bold N1 $199.99
Bold T5 -
Bold T5 Plus -
Bold M6 -
Bold N2 $229
Bold N3 expected

New Bold Phone

If you are looking out for a new Bold like us mobile phone, then Bold N1 or Bold M6 2021 should be your choice because it's the best one available right now in the market.

Upcoming Bold Mobiles 2023

We see many smartphones in the BLU brand in the BLU G Series, V Series, F Series, Mega Series, C Series, Energy Series, Studio Series, and Vivo Series. First, when BLU introduced the Bold N1 mobile phone in the Bold Phone franchise it looked like they have will compete with the OnePlus lineup launching not more than two mobile phones a year. But our assumptions soon turned out to be false, as Bold announced several other phones.

Just like how we have gone through the upcoming BLU phones list, showing your projection on what you can expect from the Miami-based unlocked smartphone seller.

Here are the Bold Mobiles upcoming expected -

Bold N1 Pro or N1 Plus

If the Miami-based unlocked smartphone seller is not in hurry, then it can introduce intermediate Bold N1 Pro and N1 Plus to delay the launch of flagship after all flagship like OnePlus launches a mobile once a year with an intermediate within that period.

This will make sure that the Bold brand will be for premium phones.

Bold N4

The Bold N4 is expected to be the Bold N3 successor. This could be a true Bold flagship phone at $300.

FCC-approved devices are those which has received permission & clearance from the US telecom ministry to sell the device and its required process for all the tech gadgets that launch in this part of the world.

Bold N3

Looks like BLU wants to clone OnePlus or Apple, if yes, then they will follow the odd numbering system for their mobile phones. So it will be Bold N3, Bold N5, N7, and N9 mobiles.

Bold C1 & Bold C2

Both these devices were silently launched in North American countries except the USA.

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BLU lives the bold statement with Bold phone series.

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Here we have gone through Best BLU BOLD Phones alongside providing you insight on BLU BOLD phone Price List and upcoming Bold mobiles 2022 which includes Bold N2, N3.
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