5 Best Facebook Shop Alternatives 2021 for Serious eCommerce Setup

Here are the best Facebook Shop Alternatives that you can consider to upgrade your eCommerce store for serious business.

Facebook on May 20, 2020 officially launched "Facebook Shop" which enables even small shopkeepers to sell their product online[Official Press note]. The world is suffering from Coronavirus Pandemic and everything has gone online. From meetings to work from home, even the online-only orders for groceries and home necessary supplies are accepted because it's a lockdown situation worldwide. This move by Facebook is considered as an eCommerce revolution. Anyways we have gone through a step further as we give your the best Facebook Shop alternatives to consider if you are looking to upgrade your business to serious eCommerce setup.

Why Choose Facebook Shops?

Facebook Shops provides easy and trusted way to reach more customers online. The setup process for Facebook shop is super easy as you just need to add items under Shop tab on your Facebook page. That's it and you are ready to deliver products online.

Facebook Shop Alternatives 2021:

Here are the best Facebook Shop alternatives that you can consider if you want to upgrade your business to a full serious eCommerce setup.


Who doesn't know about Shopify, it's the famous eCommerce website. It's the most user friendly platform and have been into this business for a decade now. Most clients prefer it because it has got a tons of good looking themes and performance-wise it's great in terms of up time and loading speed. It's one-size-fit-all solution to eCommerce website.

Shopify pricing starts from $9.99 a month.


  • Easy setup
  • User friendly platform
  • Good looking themes


  • Additional Transaction fees
  • Can't customize checkout page


Before Shopify, WordPress was one of the famous CMS and they came up with an idea to bring eCommerce setup using WooCommerce plugin. It's an open source free platform but you will have to hire a developer in order and I guess that will cost you much money. Although WooCommerce is a free open source eCommerce script for WordPress sites, you will have to pay in order to get several add-on scripts without which your store might not be complete.


  • Easy to setup & Use
  • No additional transaction fees


  • Require tech skills
  • Can be slow


We called the Facebook Shops as a revolution because until now it's too costly to setup an eCommerce website online. Only few eCommerce service providers exists and BigCommerce is one of them apart from Shopify.

This platform comes with simple and easy to use drag and drop editor. It's a well known website but only offers up to 7 free themes. That's it! You will have to buy premium themes by paying developers.

Price starts from $29.95 per month to $249/95 a month.


  • Strong SEO performance
  • Drag and Drop editor


Limited free themes


Just like WordPress, Wix was a CMS allowing you to create blogs but soon after Shopify launch then too launched WIXStore. They are known for being affordable at pricing. With that you are promised to get 100+ templates, apps, several theme options and decent editor. It's a perfect blend for newbies.


SquareSpace works much like Shopify. It has two plans of $26 a month with unlimited blogs, galleries, pages, storage, bandwidth, check out, SSL security. $40/month is their most advanced plan.


Just like WooCommerce you will have to bring you own hosting provider

and pay for domain. It also has got hosted version like the Shopify. It's a free platform with limited number of themes and you will have to bear the cost of a developer for every edits that you need on the site.


Magento is a free, feature-rich, open source platform for eCommerce setup. It's ideal for mid to large business that have in-house programmers.

It's a free to download script and you will have to buy a web hosting provider alongside domain to build an eCommerce site using Magento.

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Many solutions exists but at the end of the day you will have to pick a Facebook Shop alternative the one as per your needs, skills and budget.

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5 Best Facebook Shop Alternatives 2021 for Serious eCommerce Setup
Here are the best Facebook Shop Alternatives that you can consider to upgrade your eCommerce store for serious business.
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