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Bold Phone User Manual Download PDF Online

BLU Products unveiled its new brand called "Bold Phone" and it became quickly popular with the launch of a new Bold N1 phone that offers a lot for $249.99(may not be available now). Are you looking for a Bold phone user manual? Here we have got one for your smartphone whether it's the Bold N1, C2, Bold T5, or T5 Plus. What is the Bold Phone User Manual? A user… Read More

BLU Bold N4 Rumors, Release Date, Features to Expect

Check out BLU Bold N4 review, specifications (full), camera details, pros & cons. The launch of the BLU Bold N3, marks the third year for the newest Bold phone series, following in the footsteps of OnePlus' early years of introducing one flagship phone annually. Now, let's delve into the discussion about the upcoming Bold N4 mobile phone and explore the features it will bring to the table in the year… Read More

Latest & Best BLU Bold Phone Price List | Upcoming Bold Mobiles 2024

Here we have gone through Best BLU Bold Phones alongside providing you insight on BLU Bold phone Price List and upcoming Bold mobiles. BLU Products is proud to introduce the all-new Bold Phone a sub-brand. Taking a dip into budget flagship phones, the Florida-based unlocked smartphone seller in the United States launched Bold N1 which comes at a price of $199.99 on Amazon. That would be the strategy for BLU… Read More

BLU Bold N3 Review, Specifications, Price, Rumors - Details

Check out Bold N3 specifications, release date, and Bold N2 successor release date details. Bold Phones has been a game changer for BLU Products and after a successful run of the N2 mobile phone, it's the time for Bold N3 mobile phone. Quick Jump: Revolution | Specs | Price | Release Date | Cases Covers | Review | FAQs How did the Bold Revolution start? If you are interested in… Read More

TiGo Honduras adds BLU Bold T5 - Caracteristicas, Specifications, Pros & Cons

Check out the latest Bold T5 caracteristicas, launch date, full specifications, pros, and cons. Bold N1 is a successful mobile phone and it has rightly hit the mid-range segment in the United States. Several positive reviews, that are good for BLU Products, and congrats Samuel Ohev Zion. All new Bold Mobiles phones by the name Bold T5 and Bold T5 Plus were certified by FCC long back and now they… Read More

BLU Bold N2 Review, Price, Specifications (Full), Pros & Cons

Check out the latest BLU Bold N2 price, new Bold N2 reviews, specifications, pros, and cons. After the impressive success of the sub-brand BOLD Mobile with the amazing Bold N1 mobile phone, BLU Products has unveiled the Bold N2 mobile phone. Bold N2 is a successor to Bold N1 cell phone and it will be yet another flagship mobile phone. You can also check out the upcoming Bold phones. The… Read More

How to Hard Reset BLU Bold N2 Mobile - Factory Reset & Erase Data

If BLU Bold N2 works very slow for you or you have a full memory issue, although the device is with 128 GB inbuilt storage, or you want to bypass the screen lock, or you have decided to sell it then you can do a factory reset or hard reset Bold N2 phone. This is an excellent mobile phone and to know how is it, please check out the Bold… Read More

Bold Phone Website & Official Page

We all know that Bold Phone is the new subsidiary of BLU Products. Last year the launch of the Bold N1 mobile phone, created a stir in the market and it was a popular device. A device with a world-class Super AMOLED display for just $249 and other amazing specs of the device made a reason for the device to be the top priority amongst customers in the United States.… Read More

Bold N1 Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Camera & SIM Issues

Check out Bold N1 stock ROM download, Bold N1 not working, camera issues, screen replacement or battery replacement help. The Bold N1 continues to rule the $200 budget smartphone. After going through basic tips series like software updates, recovery, root, here we go through another tips and tricks and this time its more of a development or troubleshooting kind of help. So let's get started. Bold N1 Tips and Tricks… Read More

BLU Bold N1 Price in US, Specifications, Pros & Cons, Overview

Check out BLU Bold N1 price in US/UK/Canada, full specifications, pros and cons. BLU Products has unveiled an all-new Bold Phone separating them from the BLU Phone brand. They are the new flagship phones that come unbelievably at a cheaper price. Yeah, cheaper in price but not cheap in specs as they are with a high flagship phone design. For the start, we have a new BLU Bold N1 smartphone… Read More

TiGo Bold T5 Plus Specifications, Pros & Cons, Caracteristicas - Review

Check out the Bold T5 Plus price in the USA, release date, Bold T5+ specifications, characteristics, pros, and cons & Bold T5+ Review. Bold Products is looking forward to the second mobile in the BOLD and it could well be Bold T5 and T5 Plus. The Bold T5+ is now available through Tigo in Honduras. The company is also selling the Bold T5 mobile too. Both the latest Bold mobile… Read More