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How to Root Bold N1 Phone | Bold N1 Root

In this guide check out How to Root Bold N1 Phone. So you have bought a new Bold N1 mobile phone and looking to customize it. And why not Bold N1 should be your choice - it comes for $199 price and has a lot to offer. Truly it's the best smartphone under $200 in the United States. In this article, I will show you how you can achieve Bold… Read More

Bold N1 vs BLU G9 Pro Comparison

BLU Products has their latest mobile with the same price tag. The BLU Bold N1 and BLU G9 Pro are the ones we are talking about. So here are the details Bold N1 vs BLU G9 Pro comparison. Both the phones were unveiled in the same period and have similar specs but the Bold N1 is the first mobile phone in the Bold brand by Bold Like Us brand. BLU… Read More