Bold N1 Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Camera & SIM Issues

Bold N1 tips and tricksBold N1 tips and tricks

Check out Bold N1 stock ROM download, Bold N1 not working, camera issues, screen replacement or battery replacement help.

The Bold N1 continues to rule the $200 budget smartphone. After going through basic tips series like software updates, recovery, root, here we go through another tips and tricks and this time its more of a development or troubleshooting kind of help.

So let's get started.

Bold N1 Tips and Tricks

Bold N1 Stock ROM

You can download Stock ROM for Bold N1 from here. The installation guide is mentioned here -

Bold N1 Power issues

Is your phone not charging? There is whole lot of things which you can troubleshoot for Bold N1 not turning on or Bold N1 not charging.

You can go through them here -

Bold N1 Camera Not Working

Is your camera showing an error? It might an software or hardware bug, can't say on that. So please follow Bold phone camera error fix guide.

Bold N1 SIM Card Issue

Is your Bold phone not recognizing your SIM card? Here is the guide on how to insert SIM card on Bold N1


Bold N1 Screen Repair

Is your Bold N1 display broken? Are you looking to buy new display screen for your device. Then consider visiting BLU customer care first and then search for screen online on eBay or Amazon and finally lookout for Bold phone repair shop near me.

New Bold N1 Battery

The latest Bold phone comes with non-removable battery. Is it giving you problems? Are there any battery drain issues?

Are you looking for Bold N1 replacement battery online? Please visit BLU service center first for this.

Bold N1 Phone Ringtone

Are you looking to change default ringtone for Bold N1? I have a guide dedicated on how to download ringtone for Bold mobile.

Alarm on Bold N1

Follow the guide on how to set alarm on Bold phone.

So that was the most of the Bold N1 mobile phone.

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Bold N1 Screen Replacement, Bold Phone Battery Replacement, Camera & SIM Issues
Check out Bold N1 stock ROM download, Bold N1 not working, Bold phone camera issues, Bold N1 screen replacement or Bold N1 battery replacement help.
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