Bold Phone User Manual Download PDF Online

Bold Phone User Manual download pdfBold Phone User Manual download pdf

BLU Products unveiled its new brand called "Bold Phone" and it became quickly popular with the launch of a new Bold N1 phone that offers a lot at a price of $249.99(may not be available now).

Are you looking for a Bold phone user manual? Here we have got one for your smartphone whether it's the Bold N1, C2 or Bold T5, or T5 Plus.

What is Bold Phone User Manual?

A user manual is a written guide to a product listing how to use the phone, how to insert a SIM card, how to remove battery(applicable for removable battery BLU phones), how to enable battery saver mode, how to enable wifi tethering, and a lot more.

Bold Phone User Manual:

The Bold user manual is now available for download in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader app on your phone or PC in order to view it.

It's available in the following languages -

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French

So that's a good choice as it's available in your own language.

Supported Models:

Here are the BLU Bold mobile user manuals for various models -

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So those are the Bold user manual for reference. The download link is also provided beside the device name for easy quick download.