5 Best BLU G90 Pro Case & Covers Online

We know that BLU G90 Pro is around the corner, waiting for launch but what can be a better time than talking about the BLU G90 Pro case right now. We have already gone through BLU G90 Pro specifications earlier.

BLU G90 Pro Case

Just like other BLU Cell phones there is a case supplied by the BLU itself inside the box content. There is also a screen protector inside box content too. And it has become customary for Miami based unlocked smartphone seller brand to include earphones too. So in comparison with other brands, BLU offers a lot.

The BLU G90 Pro box includes a USB charging cable, adapter, earphones, case, user manual and a screen protector.

The case that came inside the box is decent enough but as you use it, the case becomes older and you might have to find a new one. Somewhere or the other, the accessories inside box quality is compromised because the company has to fit them all at the device prices.

BLU G90 Pro Case

We have gone through various case for BLU G90 Pro as they become available on Amazon and eBay. These are the perfect cases that would replace the case that came within the box.

BLU G90 Pro Wallet Case:

This is the case by Golden Sheeps priced at $16.99. It's a leather case with a pouch and card holder. There is a metal magnetic button which looks amazing.

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So that was about the BLU G90 case.

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We would be going through various case for BLU G90 Pro as they become available on Amazon and eBay.
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