List of Samsung Bloatware Safe to Remove & How to

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In this guide check out the list of Samsung bloatware apps safe to remove and how to do it.

Both Android and iOS come with some pre-installed apps and for a normal user, it's hard to distinguish which apps are important and which of them you can uninstall. Both Xiaomi and Samsung add many apps by default on their mobiles, and here is a list of Samsung bloatware safe to remove & a quick guide on how to uninstall them.

With the invention of the Android open-source operating system, there came the freedom to install your own apps of your own choice. There exist more than a million apps on Play Store and you can install as many apps as you like on your phone. People like me hate such bloatware apps, and I don't understand why manufacturers do so.

List of Samsung Bloatware Safe to Remove

Samsung manufactures phones by adding some of their own apps on the phone along with the stock Android. The South Korean cell phone manufacturer is the largest smartphone seller in the world and being on the top, they have not gone with stock Android UI.

The following are Samsung's own apps found on the latest generation of mobiles -

  1. Samsung Members
  2. Samsung Shop
  3. Samsung Max
  4. Samsung Free
  5. My Galaxy
  6. Samsung Galaxy Goals
  7. Samsung Notes
  8. Samsung Things
  9. Samsung Pay
  10. Samsung Browser
  11. Samsung Health
  12. Samsung Smart Switch
  13. Samsung AR Zone
  14. & Others

So that's a hell lot. OMG! I hardly have 15-20 apps on my mobile and if I get a Samsung phone then by default this will become 30 to 35. This is where the importance of uninstalling or removing or disabling them comes into the picture.

Here is the video guide on how to remove Samsung bloatware apps -


Uninstall Samsung Members App:

You can easily uninstall the Samsung Members app on your mobile phone. Simply go to Settings > Apps > search for Samsung Members and click on Uninstall. You can also uninstall it by long pressing on the app from the app drawer and uninstall.

You can follow this video guide for further help -

Samsung Galaxy Store App:

Just like Play Store on your Android smartphones, Samsung has a store app of its own, and it's called Galaxy Store. I believe this app is crap for me, but sadly you can't uninstall it. So will you have to bear all the notifications by the Galaxy Store app? No, actually you can't uninstall the app directly as it requires root access, but you can disable the messages from the app and even apply other restrictions like uninstalling the app updates, updating over Wi-Fi or mobile data, and restricting mobile data usage.

Just follow the video guide mentioned below in order to Disable Galaxy Store App -

Samsung Max:

Samsung on its mobile phones has its own browser. Previously it was known as Samsung Internet, but they renamed it to Samsung Max, and it comes with a lot of useful options like data saving, and quick search, but when you have Google Chrome or Safari, why would you need an extra app just for browsing? And today is the world where phone assistance controls your mobile, i.e., Google Assistant will use Google search and shows results on the Chrome browser

on Samsung phones too. So it's wise to uninstall/remove the Samsung Max app from your mobile.

How to Uninstall Samsung Notes:

It's a note-taking app made by Samsung, but it feels is not required until and unless you find any feature of it helpful because there is already Google Keep pre-installed on all Android phones and I believe it has all the features that a note-keeping app should have infact in comparison.

3D Avatar Maker Apps for Mobile

So, those were some of list of Samsung bloatware apps safe to remove or uninstall.

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Samsung Bloatware Safe to Remove List & How to
In this guide, check out the list of Samsung bloatware apps safe to remove and how to do it.
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