Phones with Big Battery Life

7 Best Mobile Phones with Big Battery Life 2022 with 6000 mAh Battery

We at have gone through the 7 best mobile Phones with Big Battery Life to buy in 2022. When buying a new smartphone, there are some parameters that you should look into. Some of them are (primarily) - Display & Design Performance Camera & Battery Life Out of the above-mentioned parameters, there is one thing where you should give the highest preference. Yes, the battery life is the most important thing to consider. According to a new survey by SurveyMonkey, roughly 76 percent of users choose to prefer longer battery life when buying a new smartphone. So this particular… Read More

How to Install Stock ROM on Bold N1 Mobile Phone

In this guide check out how to Install Stock ROM on Bold N1 Mobile Phone. Have you installed any custom firmware on your Bold N1 mobile phone. If yes then in this guide I will be showing you how to flash Stock ROM on Bold N1 mobile phone. The Bold N1 is the best budget smartphone to buy under 200 dollars budget. It beats other phones in this margin and it's a grand success for BLU cell phones. The Stock firmware file is required when you have issues on your mobile phone. Preparing Your Phone Make sure that you have… Read More

6 Reasons to Buy BLU G90 Pro - The Best Ever BLU Phone

BLU Products, Miami based unlocked smartphone maker by Samuel Ohev Zion has always come up with budget-friendly and entry-level smartphones. After the impressive launch of Bold N1 last year, this year its the G90 Pro that will keep you impressed for the rest of this year. In our view, this is the best ever BLU Phone that company has ever come up with. We said the same thing last year with Bold N1 and we will say it again this year with BLU G90 Pro. Mentioned here are the 5 reasons to buy BLU G90 Pro mobile phone right away… Read More

Best Small Smartphones to Buy Right Now in 2022

Mobile phones have become the live address of human beings. I remember the days when the Android phones were invented, the small smartphones too looked big because of the side bezel. Things have changed over time and phones could not fit in our pockets easily. This revolution began with Samsung's invention of the Galaxy Note phone and right now mobiles are almost touching 7-inch screen sizes (like tablets PCs). These small-sized phones were easy to maintain and carry because they were lightweight. The handy gadgets are both user and pocket-friendly. The small devices are handy both for aged people and… Read More

BLU G90 Pro vs BLU G9 Pro Comparison

Here check out BLU G90 Pro vs BLU G9 Pro comparison in terms of technical specifications, features and price details. After going through BLU G90 Pro specifications, features, let's check out its comparison with other BLU and devices in the same price range. We have already gone through BLU G90 Pro vs Bold N1 comparison, here we go through BLU G90 Pro vs G9 Pro comparison. BLU G90 Pro vs BLU G9 Pro Here we have compared two mobiles with detailed specs - Detailed BLU G90 Pro BLU G9 Pro Launch Date  August 2020 August 2019 Build  Unique Pattern Design… Read More

BLU Products CEO Samuel Ohev Zion Net Worth, Biography, Family, House, Wikipedia

Are you eager to know BLU Products CEO name? Here we have provided all the details about BLU phone company CEO. BLU stands for "Bold Like Us". It's a Miami, Florida based company that manufactures unlocked Android phones for the sale in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, and other countries. Some users need insightful info on products that they purchase. Whether you are buying BLU G91 Pro or any other BLU phone, you might search for terms like - Who is BLU Phone CEO? Who owns BLU phones? Here we go through some details on those. Samuel Ohev… Read More

ACP Free Tablet from Government - How to Apply, Providers

ACP stands for Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). It was previously known as Emergency Broadband Benefits (EBB) and was introduced to provide free internet to qualifying households, something popularly known as Free Internet or Obama phone later. But when this program was extended to provide free cell phones and tablets during the Covid-19 pandemic, US Federal renamed it to Affordable Connectivity Program or the ACP program, and more mobile providers were added to cover more people under this scheme. In this guide, check out how to get ACP Free tablet from the government. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many peoples have… Read More

Where & When is the Apple Cup Date & Time 2022

Check out where and when is the Apple Cup 2022 date & time, schedule, tickets, memes and more details. There are various cultures that are followed for years and one such tradition is the "Apple Cup" annual event. So what is it, where is played and its importance we will learn in this piece of writing. The biggest American football game in the Evergreen state is hands-down the Apple Cup, the annual matchup between in-state rivals Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars. It's also referenced by other names as Governor's Trophy, and it has more than a hundred years of… Read More

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) FREE Phone, Tablet, Laptop

Check out a complete guide to What is Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) or Emergency Broadband Benefit EBB free phone, tablet & laptop offers from US Government. A life without the Internet nowadays seems impossible, which has taken over smartphones and smartwatches as well. Pandemic has more stress on having a reliable Internet connection at home. It is essential to work from home, study online, or keep us entertained when the social gathering was impossible. But, using the network data connection the whole day can surely put a hole in our pocket. So, affordable broadband is what we need in our… Read More

240 Hz Phone to be Next Trend in Mobile Gaming - First One Already Launched

Here we go through 240 Hz phone display refresh rate optimized for gaming on the go. Your smartphone truly is a smart + phone. Apart from including basic voice phone calls, you can actually do a lot of things. You can video chat, play games, can use it as a camera, turn it into a hotspot device, and a lot more. Previously game enthusiasts had to purchase a game console but now on smartphones themselves, you can play high-end games like PUBG, & Fortnite. From the 60Hz refresh rate in mobiles, OEMs started manufacturing mobiles with a 120Hz refresh rate… Read More

How to Hard Reset BLU Bold N2 Mobile - Factory Reset & Erase Data

If BLU Bold N2 works very slow for you or you have a full memory issue, although the device is with 128 GB inbuilt storage, or you want to bypass screen lock, or you have made a decision to sell it then you can do a factory reset or hard reset Bold N2 phone. This is an excellent mobile phone and to know how is it, then please check out the Bold N2 review & specifications. Reset BLU Bold N2 In this article, I will guide you through the step-by-step procedures on how to reset BLU Bold N2 mobile phone… Read More

Latest & Best BLU Bold Phone Price List | Upcoming Bold Mobiles 2022

Here we have gone through Best BLU Bold Phones alongside providing you insight on BLU Bold phone Price List and upcoming Bold mobiles. BLU Products is proud to introduce the all-new Bold Phone a sub-brand. Taking a dip into budget flagship phones, the Florida-based unlocked smartphone seller in the United States launched Bold N1 which comes at a price of $199.99 on Amazon. That would be the strategy for BLU to come out with flagship models under $200 or even less. We have already gone through the list of Best BLU phones, here we go through Best Bold phones to… Read More

Top Flip & Rugged Plum Phones to Buy

Check out Plum Phone review as we go through the top flip phone, rugged mobile phone available right now. In the USA a large number of mobile phone sellers are operating apart from Apple iPhone & Samsung Mobiles. Among the small mobile sellers are BLU Products, Caterpillar, and Dora phones. Plum Voice is the official company that operates and sells mobile phones under the "Plum Phones" or "Plum Mobile" brand that sells rugged mobiles, flip phones for seniors, and smartphones. It caters to people of all ages in the mid-range budgets and hence Plum mobile phone brand is much like… Read More

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case, Covers, & Accessories

Here are the top Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case, Covers, & Galaxy Note 10 Accessories. Samsung Mobiles at UnPacked event on 7th August 2019 unveiled a new smartphone called "Samsung Galaxy Note 10". The Note 10 variant includes Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Galaxy Note 10 5G. If you have purchased this smartphone then it better to purchase the case for Galaxy Note 10 so that you can ultimate protection to your phone. Here we have gone through Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case, Covers, & Accessories that you should buy right now. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the… Read More

Samsung Android 13 Update List - Eligible & Confirmed UPDATED

Samsung Android 13 update list: Check out the confirmed & eligible Samsung OneUI 5.0 phones list. Last year launched Android 12 is now available to many mobile phones, atleast 100 handsets and already dozens of smartphones have got it and you can keep track of it on Samsung eligible phones for Android 12. Check out the Samsung Android 13 update list of eligible & confirmed phones & tablets. Samsung Android 13 Update List: The Android update for Samsung mobile brings in a lot of new features and bug fixes. Among the prominent updates included is the support of a dual… Read More

Upcoming BLU Phones 2022 Which are Worth the Wait

Check out expected and upcoming BLU Phones 2022 which are worth the wait this year. From a spectacular 2017 to a wonderful 2021, BLU Products journey into unlocked smartphones has been remarkable. In the year 2018, the Miami-based company gave BLU Vivo X, the cheapest smartphone with a quad-camera smartphone, Vivo XL3 Plus, and several other budget phones like BLU C6, BLU Grand M3, and Pure View. Moving forward, they also introduced a sub-brand called the Bold Phone with the launch of Bold N1 in 2019. In 2020, we have seen the launch of some amazing devices like G9 Pro,… Read More