How Do I update my BLU Phone?

In this guide we will be showing you on how do I update my BLU Phone?

Android updates are extremely important and with the introduction of new monthly security patch updates by the Android team these updates have become very much necessary. BLU Products CEO Samuel Ohev Zion has taken this issue seriously since 2018 because he doesn't want yet another problem that occurred in 2016 with the BLU brand Bold Like us.

How Do I update my BLU Phone

So a normal user can ask how do I update my existing smartphone with the latest updates? I have answered all the questions here.

BLU Bold Like us has started taking software update issues seriously, and we can see that in BLU Vivo XI+ Android Pie update beta testing and monthly security patch update to BLU G9. That's some BOLD move! Some of the advanced users have already known the process on how to upgrade their phone to the latest version, but there are those who are novice smartphone users.

Software update to Android phone on any BLU smartphones is delivered to end-users via the following two methods -

  1. BLU phone OTA updates
  2. By manually flashing/check

BLU Smartphone OTA updates

Also known as BLU smartphone wireless update, deliver the software upgrades through over the air upgrade(OTA). This kind of software upgrade does not require any USB cable.

For such kind of software updates, you see notification available to those who use on their smartphone notification panel. Tap on it to download the upgrade.

You can even force a check for the upgrade manually as well. Follow this guide -

  • Go to Settings.
  • About Device.
  • Now tap on Software Update/Upgrade.
  • If updates available, then the download link will be there. If no updates it shows the message accordingly.

By Manually Flashing

Many software companies provide direct flashable file download links so that users can directly flash onto the smartphone and run the latest version.

We haven't seen BLU Products providing any such kind of flashable file until now, but we hope that BLU Products team is reading this message!

But this is a step that is not recommended for novice users.

Why Can't I update my BLU Phone?

Many users who have brought phones have complained that they can't update their phones. Let me tell you that this is because the Software update & development work is done by your OEM.

If your OEM provides updates then you can update it or else you can't(unless and until you are an expert user who knows root). As of now, BLU doesn't provide updates to smartphone below $100 but it does for high-end phones like Bold N1 and BLU G90 Pro.

Normally no OEM carries out updates for mobiles below $100, until in some special cases like the Nokia 1.

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