BLU Products Launches Android Pie update for BLU VIVO XI+ (Beta Program)

BLU Vivo XI Plus Android Pie updateBLU Vivo XI Plus Android Pie update

BLU Products, a Miami based unlocked smartphone maker in August made some important announcements. The company's CEO Samuel Ohev Zion, claimed that they are rethinking its product strategy. They will be now launching 6 devices a year and further the software upgrade is now guarantee. As soon as that was said on Twitter, flagship BLU Vivo XI+ smartphone was announced with a promise upgrade to latest Android 9.0 Pie version. It was scheduled for release in December 2018 but for some reasons it was delayed and now the company has launched Android Pie update for BLU Vivo XI+, although it's in beta firmware trial.

BLU Bold Like us has put up a signup page on their website for the Pie beta software. Participation into this trial Android 9.0 Pie firmware is voluntary and you may choose not be part of it because it's beta version and might contain bugs.

However, if you are eager to see the Android Pie version on your device, then go ahead and signup by providing your name, email, phone number, model and IMEI number to be part of it. Some of the users, like the Dark Justice on Google+ claimed that his has received this update. Thanks for the screenshot!

So, that means that if you signup, your device will see an Android Pie update available. Upgrade it by downloading the firmware package Over the Air(OTA).

So, something is really changing, slowly and steadily.

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