2 New BLU 5G Phone List, Full Specifications, & News

BLU phones with 5G are here. Check out the best BLU 5G phones to buy right now. Smartphone technologies are mostly based on trends in the industry. Last year it was a dual-camera setup on the rear side. Among various trending technologies in recent years, it will be 5G and foldable screens in smartphones. Vivo has already unveiled Apex 2019, the first real phone with 5G and within two years of development, new Samsung phones are launched with 5G in all ranges. Sony, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, and other brands have adopted the use of 5G. BLU Products as a… Read More

How to Cancel Qlink Wireless Mobile Services

In this guide check out how to cancel QLink Wireless mobile subscription or free tablet offer. QLink Wireless is a T-mobile MVNO i.e., it uses T-Mobile towers and if you are happy with its services then there is a guide on how to cancel QLink wireless subscription. How to Cancel QLink Wireless: QLink Wireless offers a good service that supports the Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP) under the US government and also offers free tablets for eligible customers. It also has a device replacement policy when the phone gets lost. If you are having problems like 5G not working or mobile data… Read More

Unreal Mobile APN Settings 5G/4G iPhone & Android

Check out Unreal Mobile APN Settings for 5G/4G iPhone & Android mobile. Unreal Mobile offers absolutely real plans with savings of up to $400 a year when compared with the top three networks AT&T Wireless, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Mentioned here are the Unreal Mobile APN settings for 5G/4G LTE android and iPhone mobiles. Unreal Mobile APN Settings Please enter the below-mentioned values correctly - Name APN  Name Unreal mobile apn  APN ERESELLER  Proxy  Port  80  Username  Password  Server  MMSC  MMS Proxy  80  MMS Port  MCC 310  MNC 410  Authentication Type  APN Type  default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri  APN Protocol  IPv4/IPv6  APN Roaming Type  IPv4… Read More

FreeUP Mobile APN Settings 5G/4G LTE Towers

Check out FreeUP Mobile APN Settings 5G/4G LTE mobile devices. FreeUP Mobile as claimed is a wireless network provider so called as MVNO that offers affordable mobile plans with 4G LTE and 5G in America. It also offers international calling and mobile data with no speed limits. If your mobile on FreeUP is not working or there is FreeUP Mobile data not working then you can either go through this article or check the APN settings/configurations. FreeUP Mobile APN Settings Please enter the values mentioned below carefully - Name APN  Name FreeUP Mobile APN  APN PRODATA  Proxy  Port 80  Username… Read More

Spectrum Mobile Hotspot Plans & How to Enable it

Not many networks across states of the United States provide data sharing or mobile hotspot services. The case is the same with MVNOs and other mobile operators in United States. This is for the reason that three top networks in the USA don't actually allow this and MVNO has no choice other than to accept the terms said by the original network provider. There are only limited MVNOs that allow tethering, and one such operator is Spectrum Mobile. If you want Verizon speed at the lowest price then you can consider going with Spectrum Mobile that allows you to save… Read More

How to Activate Qlink SIM Card, Phone or Tablet PC

Follow the process mentioned below in order to activate QLink SIM card or device. When we talk about the free government phone service provider near you and the famous ones, the name of QLink Wireless and Assurance Wireless always comes on top. They have been on the hit list of users who are seeking a free government phone & people have recently found interest in QLink free tablet as well. The reason why Q Link is so famous is that it makes it easier for the ACP application & approval process. Activate Qlink SIM Card If you have received your… Read More

Huawei Harmony OS Download, Phones List & 2.0 Update

Here is how to get the Huawei Harmony OS Download, Harmony OS Phones List & features list, launcher, App Store, and Harmony OS versions. Huawei Mobiles has officially launched its own mobile operating system as Harmony OS gets official today on August 9, 2019, in China at Huawei Developer Conference. In the past few months, the Chinese smartphone giant had troubles with the US over the security concerns and clouds were looming over the future of Huawei as several companies have cancelled their alliance with Huawei. But everything happens for good, and it's a piece of good news for Huawei,… Read More

Xfinity Mobile APN Settings 5G iPhone & Android Mobile

Check out Xfinity APN Settings for 5G/4G LTE phones. Just like Safelink Wireless, Xfinity provides up to a $30 discount on monthly phone billing usage for eligible ACP customers. ACP is a government program for those who went jobless. It's also a registered Internet provider that offers free Internet. Xfinity Mobile APN Settings Please enter the below mentioned values correctly - Name APN  Name Xfinity Mobile  APN COMCAST.RSLR.VZWENTP  Proxy  Port  80  Username  Password  Server  MMSC  MMS Proxy  80  MMS Port  MCC 310  MNC 480  Authentication Type  APN Type  default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri  APN Protocol  IPv4/IPv6  APN Roaming Type  IPv4  Enable/Disable APN  Bearer  Unspecific… Read More

Optimum APN Settings for Android and iPhone Mobile

Check out Optimum APN Settings for Android and iPhone mobile devices. Just like NewPhone, AirTalk & Tempo Wireless, Optimum is a registered telecom network in the USA that offers free government phone services apart from regular plans. Here we have gone through the Optimum APN Settings for Android and iPhone mobile. If you have trouble accessing the Internet or mobile data on your phone, then it could be a problem with the APN settings or configurations.   Optimum APN Settings/Configuration: Please enter the below mentioned details - Name Optimum APN  Name APN Optimum  APN altice  Proxy  Port  80  Username  Password… Read More

Frontier APN Settings for 5G/4G Android & iPhone Mobile

Check out Frontier APN Settings for 5G/4G LTE Android and iPhone mobiles. Just like EasyGo & Tempo Wireless, Frontier Wireless is a registered MVNO that offers free smartphones for customers. If you are having trouble accessing the Internet on your mobile phone or tablet PC, then please check out the Frontier APN settings. You can also go through Frontier free smartphone program details. The correct Access Point Names will give you the proper connection between your mobile and the Frontier network towers. Frontier APN Settings: In order to get the proper Internet settings for your mobile phone or tablet PC,… Read More

NewPhone Wireless APN Settings for iPhone & Android Mobile

Check out NewPhone Wireless APN Settings for iPhone & Android mobile. Just like Torch Wireless, NewPhone Wireless is a registered telecom network that provides free wireless phone service via the US government Affordable Connectivity Program. You get ACP benefits discount of up to $30 on monthly phone charges that also include mobile data usage of up to 5 GB a month. Here we go through the NewPhone Wireless APN Settings.   NewPhone Wireless APN Settings: Please enter the below-mentioned values of APN - Name NewPhone APN  Name APN New Phone Wireless  APN Reseller  Proxy  Port 80  Username  Password  Server  MMSC… Read More

Acpbenefit.org Application Online Form, Status & Login Details

In this article check out Acpbenefit.org application online form, status, login details & more regarding ACP. You might have already come across free government phones and people are constantly searching for free government phone stands near me online. If you have, then let me tell you that people are looking out for a telecom network that offers these benefits. Not all the networks in the United States provide free tablets and cell phones, and there is an application process as well. Let me guide you through the ACPbenefit.org application online. But first, let's go through the details of the ACP… Read More

Life Wireless Compatible Phones in all Budgets

Just like QLink, Life Wireless is also a free government cell phone service provider in the USA for qualifying customers, and here is the list of Life Wireless compatible phones in all price ranges. We all know that it's an MVNO in the United States. Known as the "Federal Lifeline program" recently renamed as Affordable Connectivity Program it aims to help those needy people like low-income households or retired army officers to provide cheap or free cell phone services in over 30 states of America including Puerto Rico. We have already gone through Assurance wireless compatibles phone, here are phones… Read More

BLU Phone Troubleshooting Guide - Fix BLU Phone Issues, Problems

Here we go through several BLU Phone Troubleshooting Guide, tips and tricks and common problem fixes. The phone is a daily driver and it's nothing less than your companion, a daily driver that you carry all the time. You use it for an alarm clock, communicate with your friends using voice/video calls, interact using WhatsApp, use it as a GPS device too and you can do many things. As such you may find several BLU phone issues, problems and so we have come up with one post guide to help you fix those common BLU phone problems. BLU Phone Troubleshooting… Read More

BLU Final Touch Software to Enhance Camera Photos

To enhance the selfie camera pictures, BLU Products has introduced the Final Touch photo editing feature. Check out BLU final Touch software features and how to use it. Everyone wants perfect pictures from their mobile phone camera. Getting professional photos can be easy now as BLU Products has come up with some unique features to enhance the camera photos that you take. BLU final Touch software auto assists you to apply various settings to the photos that you take on your mobile phone camera to make it professional alike photo. BLU Final Touch BLU Products has equipped software in each… Read More

Cintex Wireless APN Settings for iPhone & Android Mobiles 5G/4G

Check out Cintex Wireless APN Settings for iPhone and Android mobile phones. Cintex Wireless came into the limelight with the free smartphone service officially known as the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). In order to make sure that Internet and mobile data is working fine on your phone, you should have the correct APN settings enabled on your phone. Cintex Wireless APN Settings Your phone will fetch the best APN settings accordingly when you insert a new SIM card into it. Alternatively, you can change it or reset it. Please enter the below mentioned values correctly - Name Cintex APN  Name… Read More