How to Unlock Bootloaders on BLU Phones Easily

No need to worry as we have gone through the guide on how to unlock bootloaders on BLU phones easily.

Unlocking bootloaders is the foremost BLU phone development thing which users perform and if you want to root your phone or install TWRP/CWM custom recovery then you need to have a device with bootloaders unlocked. Do you see blu bootloader inlock?

Unlock Bootloaders on BLU Phones

Most OEM companies ship their smartphones with a bootloader unlocked and BLU Products is one among them. No need to worry as we have gone through the steps on unlock bootloaders on any BLU smartphone completely.

Before you unlock BLU bootloaders on Mediatek device, make sure you have the following -

Most of the Mediatek smartphones powered by BLU have bootloaders unlocked, which means that you don't need to unlock bootloaders on your phone at all.

And before unlocking bootloaders you should check whether bootloaders on your phone are unlocked or not. If you see the device's bootloader is locked then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Download and install the ADB and fastboot binaries using the above installer download link for Windows or Linux or MAC.
Enable USB debugging on your phone which is found under Developer Options.

  • Open Command Prompt on your PC. In the current window, you need to press Shift + Right Click.
  • Now press the "w" key to open the keyword or select "Open Command window here" to open a command window.
  • Now connect your Android phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Enter the following command in the command window -
    adb reboot bootloader
  • Your Android device will ask for "Allow USB debugging" and then tap on OK.
  • Execute the following command now -
    fastboot devices
  • and then execute this command -
    fastboot oem unlock

With that, you have unlocked BLU phone bootloaders which are powered by Mediatek. Also Read: MTK USB drivers download

Here is the guide on how to check Bootloader unlock Status using fastboot method -

Restart your phone into bootloader mode by powering

off your device completely and then press the combination of any key + Power button.
Open a Command prompt or a terminal and execute the following fastboot command from the bootloader mode -
fastboot oem device-info

Device unlock: true

That message will be displayed or else false if it's still locked.

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No need to worry as we have gone through the guide on how to unlock bootloaders on BLU phones easily.
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