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TFW meaning on iPhone network

What is TFW Meaning on iPhone. Check out details on the TracFone Network.

Those who are using TracFone Wireless on iPhone, have searched for one special thing - "TFW Network". People say they see TFW on the top of their iPhones in the notification bar. Further, they ask, what is TFW and what does TFW mean, and why my iPhone shows that. Let me answer that question for you here.

So that's almost 2-3 questions altogether but there is one simple answer for that. Let me explain it here.

TFW Meaning:

TFW stands for TracFone Wireless. That's the simple meaning of it and for those who don't know, it's the network that provides wireless phone services on your iPhone(in your case).

If you are using Net10 or Straight Talk it will still show the same TFW while using iPhone, and it clearly indicates the network tower with which it's connected.

Now that you have understood what's the meaning of TFW on iPhone, let's move on to TracFone Wireless network details and why it shows on your mobile instead of TracFone.

TFW Carrier:

TracFone carrier network details are -

Founded 1996
Headquarters Miami, Florida
Services Prepaid Network provider
Network Type 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G
Total Subscribers 20 million
WiFi Calling Yes
International Calls Yes, paid Add-ons
Owned by Verizon Wireless
No. Employees 400+
No. Retail Stores 90,000


TFW network is 27 years old company with headquarters in Miami, Florida. It has more than 20 million subscribers and was acquired by Verizon Wireless Inc in 2021[source].

Tracfone has more than 90,000 retail store locations and you can find any retailer next lane, or store near by. Any of these stores keep new SIM cards and they can be also ordered online as well.

TFW Network:

The TracFone network is a prepaid network that offers contract-free wireless phone services. It's best known to be the low-cost alternative to high-priced telecom networks in the USA that gives the flexibility to shift to other networks with no lock-in or contract agreement.

Tracfone APN settings New

TracFone balance check

TracFone now a property of Verizon Wireless, also owns the following other small networks -

  • Net10
  • Straight Talk

TFW iPhone:

This term also means that people are looking out for an iPhone model that works with the TracFone Wireless network. We have already gone through a dedicated article on compatible iPhone models on TracFone Wireless


TFW Service:

The TracFone service is offered in all states of the United States.


If it shows LTE, it means that you are connected to a 4G LTE network although 5G is the newest sensation.

So that's all about TFW meaning in this article and some other general details about TracFone. We suggest you to please check out TracFone exclusive Flip phones for seniors.

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