Excess Telecom APN Settings 5G/4G LTE - How to Reset

Excess telecom apn settings iphone android

Check out Excess APN Settings for iPhone & Android mobile phones running on 5G & 4G LTE.

Excess Telecom is a registered telecom network in America and it's approved to offer discounted Affordable Connectivity Program ACP plan. You can check the Excess Telecom free mobile phone plan details.

Excess Telecom APN Settings:

In many cases when you put your SIM card into your phone, you will iPhone or Android phone or tablet, or iPad will automatically download new APN settings. The best settings will be applied to your phone according to the telecom network.

If you're having trouble accessing mobile data on your phone or free government tablet then this could be a problem with -

Whatever may be the problem on your phone you can solve it in the following two ways -

  • Reset the APN settings
  • Change APN settings manually

Reset the APN Settings Excess Telecom:

For resetting the APN settings on your phone, follow these two guides -

Reset APN Settings on Android:

To reset APN Settings on your Samsung phone or tablet or any other brand mobile phone, just follow these steps -

  • Open Settings from the app drawer.
  • Now tap on Network & Internet > Mobile Network.
  • Now tap on Advanced and then select Access Point Names.
  • Now tap on three dots and click on Reset to Default.
  • Now confirm the action by tapping on Reset in the confirmation box.

APN Settings will be reset and now restart your phone.

Reset APN Settings on iPhone:

To reset APN settings on Android follow these steps -

  • Open Settings from the app.
  • Tap Mobile under Cellular.
  • Tap Mobile Data Network or Cellular Data Network.

Change APN Settings:

You can follow the above-mentioned process to change the APN settings values. But I think resetting your phone's APN settings would be enough.

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Wrapping it Up:

So that's the Excess Telecom APN Settings for your mobile phone. Also, don't fall prey to tricks like unlimited mobile data plans.

This post was published on March 31, 2023 7:56 AM

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