BLU Products to Manufacture More High-End Flagship Phones in 2023

BLU Products came up with BLU Vivo X, the cheapest unlocked quad camera smartphone in the world and it received a very positive response not even from customers but also from tech reviewers. At that price, it's an unbelievable device. Look like BLU has changed its plans in regard to smartphones and now they will be stepping up to serve customers better. According to Samuel Ohev-Zion, CEO of the company, BLU will be releasing fewer phones but they will be of higher quality. I think that's the call to continue limiting low-end phones and introduce mid-range and high-end smartphones. Further, the company has introduced a new Bold phone lineup

with a strategy followed by Apple with iPhone & OnePlus phones, i.e., launching a flagship once a year.

Currently, from the users, BLU has often received complaints that their devices aren't been updated, actually, it's non-existent. The good thing remains sales and hardware support which has received an overwhelming response. Also with the upcoming smartphones, BLU promises guaranteed software updates.

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What is BLU Flagship Phone?

Talking about the general definition of a BLU phone flagship, it's nothing but a premium phone from a company. As of now, we see Bold N1 and BLU Vivo XI+ as the most recent flagship phones by the company.

BLU Flagship Phone

For BLU, the flagship phone changes every 6-9 months but the last one, i.e., Vivo XI+ is waiting for its successor for more than 2 years now.

But BLU has moved on and they are planning to release new 5G phones in 2023. Currently, Bold N2 and BLU F91 are the two mobiles with 5G compatibility and the third is already in the process of release by the name View Speed 5G.

Bold N2 : Buy Now

BLU F91 5G: Buy Now

Ohev-Zion on Twitter announced this along with the release of Vivo XI+, which is slated to be the company's new device, coming up next. It will be the 11th generation smartphone in the VIVO line and also it will be the first BLU Smartphone to feature 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Further details about the BLU Vivo XI Plus

were revealed yet.

He officially tweeted this:

Samuel Ohev Zion, CEO at BLU Products said:

Since we started this company in 2010, it was always our commitment to provide customers with the best devices at incredible pricing. Along the way, our obsession with frequently launching new devices became excessive and eventually a detriment. There was no way we could support so many different models with software updates, after sales service, spare parts, accessories, and other important parts of the customer experience one would expect of a reliable smartphone brand. We all make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them, improve and move forward. We have been quietly working hard on a New BLU. Instead of launching a slew of devices, we have been laser focused, working only on devices with a purpose, with better performance and quality than ever before, and with guaranteed software updates & support. You can expect this renewed commitment in quality to result in limited phone launches, but with stronger, well thought-out devices, starting with our new flagship at the end of the month - the VIVO XI., the 11th generation of our VIVO line, and the first ever to feature 128GB of internal space, and 6GB RAM. Details will be announced soon...

In the meantime, we thank all our fans, well-wishers, and supporters, for the faith you have shown in us throughout the years. We won't let you down.


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Upcoming & New BLU Flagship Phones 2023
BLU Products to Manufacture More High-End Flagship devices. The BLU Vivo XI+ and Bold N1 are the latest BLU flagship phone.
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