My AT&T Prepaid Account Number, PIN & Password for Porting

AT&T prepaid account number

Here is the guide on how do I find my AT&T Prepaid Account Number, PIN & Password easily for porting to other networks.

AT&T is one of the largest carriers in the United States and almost there are 90% of the guide available online on how to perform a specific action. Just as one of the guides we have provided steps for ATT SIM Card replacement. But amid all these, I found it a bit weird when I was looking for the AT&T Prepaid Account Number & the PIN. There was no definitive guide to get AT&T PIN and account details. It took around a few minutes for me to get that info and here is how to get the AT&T Account number of your prepaid services.

My AT&T Prepaid Account Number:

The account number and the PIN is not available for quick access/retrieval from the ATT website or from the phone's Settings. It's also not available on the AT&T phone's app too on iPhone and Android. As such, customers like me are struck. I was moving my phone services from AT&T to Mint Mobile that offers great savings if you are not using your mobile phone much.

To get such details, you will have to call the AT&T customer service number 611 from your mobile number and go through the voice prompts to get it transferred to a customer service representative. If you are unable to connect, then dial 800.

AT&T Account PIN:

Here comes the trick, the customer service agent will ask you why you need the account no. and the PIN. If you say I am moving out of AT&T, then they will try to take you to retention by offering some deals or discounts. You just simply need to say "for my records". That's the best thing you can say to them.

You will also need an AT&T Account PIN and for that, if you know your work is done straight away or else you will have to reset your Account PIN.

Follow the process mentioned below to do that.

Reset Account PIN AT&T:

You can ask the same customer service agent without any hassle. Just for their verification/background checks, they will send you a temporary PIN on your mobile phone.

Bingo! You are good to go!

This is needed when you are transferring your account from AT&T to other networks like TracFone, Total Wireless, WingTel, or any other.

ATT Number Transfer PIN Not Working:

If the transfer-out PIN doesn't work on your AT&T Wireless, please contact customer care for further help in this regard.


Here are some of the FAQs that you can ask -

Q: Do I need the account number for the ATT prepaid port out?

A: Yes, you will need both the AT&T Account Number & PIN to port to other networks. You can find them using the guide mentioned above.

Q: Can I get the AT&T Account number prepaid on the website?

A: This personal information is not published anywhere. To get an Account ID and password, you will have to call customer care on either 611 or 800.

Is AT&T Passcode the Same as a PIN?

No, the passcode used on your phone is not the same as the ATT PIN. Both are different. A passcode is needed for the following 3 purposes -

  1. Calling AT&T Customer Care
  2. Managing your account in some retail stores
  3. Signing in, if you’ve chosen extra security (wireless accounts only)

Is ATT PIN 6-digit or 4-digit?

Your ATT PIN to transfer the wireless number is a 4-digit code and its uses are mentioned above.

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Final Words:

So that was all about my AT&T Account number & ATT port out PIN for it for porting to other networks.

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How to Find AT&T Prepaid Account Number, PIN & Password
Here is the guide on how to find AT&T Prepaid Account Number, PIN & Password easily for porting to others networks.
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