BLU 128 GB Storage Phone

BLU 128 GB Storage Phone: If you are looking for particularly a BLU smartphone with 128 GB storage then you should go for the BLU G9 Pro [Amazon BuY NoW], which infact is the only phone under $200 to come up with such storage capacity.

BLU G9 Pro phone
The BLU G9 Pro smartphone

This smartphone has redefined $200 flagship phones. So, if you have searched for "BLU 128 GB Storage Phone" or your question "is there any BLU phone with 128 GB inbuilt storage", then you answer will be the BLU G9 Pro.

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BLU G9 Pro Storage Capacity: 128 GB Inbuilt storage

BLU G9 Pro Memory Card Support: Up to 128 GB, micro SD card slot