Samsung Language Settings - Change Language on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Language Settings: In this guide check out how to Change Language on Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Not all speak English, so need of phone in native language is required. Here is the guide to change Language on Samsung Android Phones to Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hindi, Arabic or Portuguese.

Not all people speak or talk English, the language which comes pre-installed on the device. You might be surprised with statistics that English is the third most spoken language in the world. There are about 955 million native Mandarin speakers, 405 million people who speaks Spanish, 310 million people speaks Hindi, 295 million people speaks Arabic and 215 million speaks Portuguese. So there is definitely a need where in people can change language on their phones to whatever they want.

Further many senior citizens are not adept to using smartphones because it's a new thing to them and some might don't know English. Many prefers them in their own language too.

Samsung Language Settings

A lot many OEM have incorporated native languages on device apart from English and Android phones does come with such option.

Here is how you can change language on your existing Samsung Galaxy Phones -

  • From your phone head to Settings.
  • Tap on Language & Input.
  • Now click on Language.
  • Through this option, you will now have the list of languages available to change. This comes as pre-installed by OEM.
  • Select the change of your choice and device will change all the text Settings to your choice.

Most Samsung Android phones support changing languages to -

  • English (US)
  • English (UK)
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • & Many More

If you again need to change the language you can do it too. Just follow the same process and select language of your choice. If you factory reset your phone, then the language settings on Samsung will get default i.e., it will get reset to English language or country specific by default.

On the user manual it's clearly mentioned about what languages does the phone supports.

Here is the video explaining steps on how to change Samsung language -

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In the particular example we have taken Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-100H smartphone [Indian Retail unit] as the example. Settings may vary on your Samsung device.

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How to Change Language on Samsung Galaxy Phones | Samsung Language Settings
Samsung Language Settings: In this guide check out how to Change Language on Samsung Android Phones to Spanish, French or Mexican or any other of your choice.
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