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EIOT Club Plans for Camera, Smartwatch & Pet Tracker

A number of mobile networks exist in the United States, and some disappear in no time. One recently started network is the EIOT Club. The name is derived from IOT i.e., Internet of Things and as a clear message, this is targeting customers who are interested IoT, i.e., automation. It's basically a network that is designed to offer mobile data where Wi-Fi can't reach, and IoT devices requires a stable wireless plan. EIOT Club plans are tailored made for 4G LTE routers, Solar camera, Trail camera, Pet Tracker plan, & Smartwatch plans. The company has operations and services in Germany, UK and USA.

A EIOTCLUB IoT SIM card always connects to the fastest and the strongest available network in your area. As IoT connectivity provider, the EIOTCLUB SIM is set to use mobile data (2G, 3G, 4G) but sadly Voice and SMS services are not supported. Here is how this SIM card is different from other networks like TracFone, Cricket Wireless and Total Wireless. It operates https://www.eiotclub.com website.

Regular smartphone SIM card EIOTCLUB SIM CARD
Coverage Single country limits on roaming or at excessive rates. Supports two operators(AT&T & T-mobile)in the United States, and support 30 countries networks in Europe.
Function Support talk & text, with number Data only, no talk& text, number
Minimum terms 30-day cancellation period/1 or 2-year contract No term/contracts
Data plan Data is used per SIM card Customerized data plan meets your need
Networks Single network coverage Multi-network coverage
Seasonality Fixed monthly bundles Pay-as-you-Go plan
Application scenario Smartphone Security camera/Trail camera/4G router/GPS/Pet tracker

EIOTClub provide a variety of data plans to meet your needs and you can check your usage at any time and above all there are no overage fees.

EIOT Club Plans:

There is not one unique plan for all. It has various plans for various types of devices.

4G Router Plans:

 Plan  Validity  Price
 12 GB  180 Days  $60
 24 GB  360 Days  $100
 120 GB  360 Days  $400

Smartwatch Plans:

We have got so many smartwatches like Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch and also can be used for Kids Smartwatch.

 Plan  Validity  Price
 180 MB  180 Days  $18
 360 MB  360 Days  $30
 720 MB  720 Days  $50

GPS Tracker Plans:

 Plan  Validity  Price
 180 MB  180 Days  $18
 360 MB  360 Days  $30
 720 MB  720 Days  $50

Solar Camera Plans:

Plan Time Price
2 GB /unlimited  30 Days  $10
12 GB /unlimited  180 Days  $60
24 GB /unlimited  360 Days  $100

Trail Camera Plans:

Plan  Days  Price
 2 GB 30 Days  $10
 12 GB  180 Days  $60
 24 GB  360 Days  $100
 1.8 Gb  180 Days  $36
 3.5 GB  360 Days  $72
 7 GB  360 Days  $96


  • No contract
  • No Activation Fee
  • No extra charges
  • No hidden fees


You can order EIOTClub SIM card directly from Amazon. Order it now

EIOTClub Plans gps tracker smartwatch router plans

Refill EIOT Data:

What happens if you are consumed data? You can refill mobile data by visiting this URL and SIM card ICCID number or contact [email protected]

EIOTClub Phone Number:


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What Network does EIOTClub use?

EIOT has tied up with AT&T and T-Mobile for data services in the United States that provides awesome 4G LTE coverage in all parts.

So those are EIOT Club plans for smartwatch, cameras and other IoT devices.

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