Does BLU make CDMA Phones?

BLU Products CEO

Does BLU make CDMA phones? It is a popular Google search trend. So here we have got answers to it.

This question arises because the reasons that BLU Bold makes only GSM smartphones with dual SIM capacity.

Does BLU make CDMA phones?

BLU Products is a leading unlocked smartphone seller in the United States and it's a popular brand in this part of the world.

As of now, BLU Products has come up with GSM smartphones and only one CDMA phone. You can check all the recently launched & new BLU bold phones.

The BLU S1 is the only BLU CDMA phone launched until now. This smartphone was launched in September 2017 and since then BLU Products haven't decided to launch any other CDMA phone.

The S91 & S91 Pro Mobiles:

It's more than four years now and the device might have been discontinued and not even its successor is planned. We thought BLU S91 could be the latest BLU CDMA smartphone but it wasn't the case as the company launched it as a GSM-compatible device. There is also BLU S91 Pro mobile too launched.

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So, that is all about the BLU Products CDMA mobiles. Do check out the answers for more at our forums. You can even ask any questions by registering on our site.

Is BLU or Bold coming out with a CDMA phone in future?

Sadly it doesn't look like that BLU will have any new CDMA handset coming out in the upcoming months.

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