BLU Meaning - What Does the Name BLU Mean

BLU Meaning

BLU Meaning: What Does the Name BLU Mean and what does it stand for?

Many have used the BLU word, and it's only because online searching for all the "BLU meaning" is possible to know what exactly the word BLU used.

BLU Meaning:

If you check out various dictionary sites online, they have given various details regarding the BLU word from grammar to the actual meaning of it. These articles are expanded just to complete the 200 or 300 words or the synonyms or antonyms.

But does that search or merely knowing the synonyms or antonyms signify what does BLU stands for?

Actually, BLU is a short abbreviation of Blue, a color in the English dictionary. Importantly, it doesn't have the correct meaning, and it's more like Xtra used in place of an Extra word used for various purposes like brand naming.

Also in tech terms, BLU-ray is a digital optical disc storage format used instead of traditional CDs and DVDs.

Peoples & Brands using the BLU Name:

BLU Products: Owned by Samuel Ohev Zion, this company sells unlocked smartphones in the USA market. In their definition, BLU stands for Bold Like Us.

Radisson BLU:  Radisson BLU is a group of Hotels and Resorts worldwide.

Bear Blu Jarecki: Bear Blu Jarecki is the son of Alicia Silverstone, the American actress.

Blu Jerusalema Vacchi: It's an Internet personality with over 100k followers.

BLU Mankuma: He is an American Actor and voice artist.

BLU Jasmine: Jasmine BLU is an Instagram personality and motivational speaker.

Sky BLU: Known by his stage name "Sky BLU", Skyler Austen Gordy is an American rapper, singer, & song writer.

Blu Ale House: is a restaurant in a few locations in the USA.

Salon BLU: It's a hair salon and spa in Raleigh, NC.

BLU Hunt: BLU Farias Hunt is an American actress.

Meadow BLU: It's a home decor, furniture, and lighting showroom in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

BLU Stock: BELLUS Health Inc. is a NASDAQ-listed company with BLU as a ticker.

BLU Vape: It's an E-cigarette company selling vapers.

Blu Detiger: She is an American singer and songwriter, bass player, and DJ in New York City.

Blu Cantina: It's a Mexican restaurant in GA.

BLU Dot: It's a home decor and furniture showroom.

BLU Pointe: It's a seafood destination and raw bar.

Bianca Blu: She is an Internet celebrity.

BLU Radio: It's a radio station in Bogotá, Colombia.

BLU Rio: BLU is a bird character in the film Rio.

Dani BLU: Dani BLU is an Internet celebrity.

Olivia BLU: She is also an Internet personality.

BLU Homes: A leading pre-fabricated homemaker.

BLU Pepper: Its a Los Angeles-based women's wholesale clothing line.

Luna BLU: It's the name of a bar in England.

Jet BLU: It's a major American low-cost Airline.

Lotus Blu Inn & Suites: is a hotel in New York.

Bella BLU: Bella BLU is an Italian cuisine restaurant in New York City.

BLU Smartphones

So that's the BLU meaning and name used.

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