BLU Android Pie Phones List | BLU Android Pie Go Edition Smartphones

BLU Android Pie PhonesBLU Android Pie Phones

Android 9.0 Pie is the latest version of Android which was announced in May 2018. Traces of the development started in the month of January itself when Google released the first developer preview of Android P version and in the month of July/August, it got its name as Android Pie after several name suggestions.

Going by the numbers it's an upgraded version to Android Oreo which was announced last year. In this article, we will be discussing about the BLU Android Pie phones.

BLU Android Pie Phones

Blu Vivo XL Plus is expected to be the first BLU Android Pie phone. The Vivo XI+ Android Pie update will be only available through it a software upgrade and before that happens blue product will launch phones that will come on Android Pie out of the box.

At least the company is expected to unveil BLU Android Pie Go Phone but that will surely take some time and the first BLU Pie Go phone is expected to arrive next year only and that will be the time to launch the next version of Android i.e.,  Android Q.

Google has already announced the Android Pie Go Edition. But Go Editions BLU phones are only entry-level smartphones because it's a version optimized for low-end phones.

Recently BLU unveiled BLU C6 and BLU Grand M4, both running on Android Oreo Go edition with the latest 8.1 version.

BLU Vivo Go

BLU Vivo Go is yet another smartphone that runs on Android Go edition.

If you are talking about BLU Android 9.0 Pie phone out of the box, then we believe that it will be the BLU Vivo XII or the BLU Vivo 12 (BLU Vivo 12 Plus, the high-end version) to come out with that or atleast the BLU Vivo XL5.

Update: BLU Vivo XI+ finally gets Android Pie update

March 2021 Update: After Android Pie, Android 10 was released and then Android 11 was announced in 2020. In 2021, all new Android 12 version update will be announced.