Jethro Mobile Customer Service Number, eMail ID, FAQs

Jethro Mobile Customer Service Number

What is Jethro Mobile Customer Service Number? or email Support. Check them out.

Jethro Mobile, a company that sells senior citizen mobile phones in Canada, has expanded its presence as it came out with Jethro Mobile service in the United States and registered as an MVNO.

Need help in moving to Jethro need a new SIM Card, or do you have network coverage questions, you can always get in touch with a customer service representative for help.

We have already gone through Jethro mobile phone plans, here let's go through the Jethro customer service number.

Jethro Customer Service Number

For help on purchasing a phone, you can contact the following customer care numbers -

Helpline Number: 888.509.6199

Call to Order: 1.888.509.6199

Customer Service Hours: Monday to Friday (9 AM to 5 PM PST)


You can call on that number for -

  • Data balance inquiry
  • New Jethro Mobile SIM card
  • Anything related to Jethro my Account
  • Replacement Device Request
  • SIM Card replacement
  • Network queries or complaints
  • Any other query
  • Port out

Anything apart from the above-mentioned is also taken up regarding Jethro.

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People have asked various questions related to this MVNO and we try to answer some of them here in this FAQs section. Most of them are answered here -

What Network Does Jethro Mobile Use?

Answer: As a GSM network provider, Jethro Mobiles runs off the T-Mobile network nationwide in the USA to provide its services to customers.

Who Manufactures the Jethro Phone?

Answer: Jethro has various mobile phones for seniors and among these, some of the phones are manufactured solely by Jethro Technologies Pvt Ltd.

How to Order Jethro Mobile Phone?

Answer: In order to order one Jethro senior phone, you just need to call on toll-free 1.888.509.6199 number.

Jethro Mobile Headquarters?

Answer: Jethro Mobile has headquarters in the United States.

What is a Jethro Phone?

Answer: As an MVNO, Jethro provides unlocked phones for Seniors that run off T-Mobile's wide network in the USA.

Jethro Mobile Phone Replacement?

Answer: Is your Jethro mobile phone broken? You can order for Replacement Request and get a new replaced handset.

So that was Jethro Mobile's customer service number. Most of the questions related to Jethro Mobiles are answered above, if you still have any questions and want a public opinion then you can join MVNO in USA Facebook Group for discussions.

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Jethro Mobile Customer Service Number Toll Free, eMail ID, Support & FAQs
What is Jethro Mobile Customer Service Number? or email Support and some FAQs. Check them out.
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