Best Tangi Tips and Tricks for iPhone & Android

Best Tangi tips and tricks

Here are 6 Google Best Tangi Tips and Tricks for iPhone & Android from novice to geek journey.

has taken the competition to TikTok a short video-sharing app with the launch of the all-new Tangi app. Here we go through Tangi Tips and Tricks for iPhone & Android smartphones.

According to the official description, Tangi is different from YouTube as it has 1-minute videos that help people craft, cook, and create. This is for a short tips and tricks video site.

Best Tangi Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the best Google Tangi app tips and tricks -

How to Upload Videos on the Tangi App

Google has taken the terms and rules while uploading videos. The search engine giant has already encountered several cases in this matter with their other platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google Maps. So this is why Mountain View company has to limit users who can create/upload videos.

How to Become a Tangi Creator

To become a creator or video uploader on Tangi, you need to apply first. This is the first quality check that is been done by Google to ensure the Tangi app is used by serious people.

How to Use Tangi Web Version

Just like Whatsapp Web and Telegram Web, you can use the Tangi Web version too. The action is somewhat different as you have to do it.

Follow the process mentioned below -

  • Open the Tangi Website on your browser. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for this.
  • You need to log in using Google Credentials.
  • There you go.

How to Edit Tangi Profile

You can follow this process -

  • Open the Tangi Website or open it on your phone using the official app.
  • Click on your Profile and then tap on Edit.
  • Now enter your bio because every other detail you can edit.

How to Make a Great Tangi Video

Here is the video that shows you can make an amazing Tangi video that works -

Tangi iPhone App Problem

The Google Tangi app for iPhone requires iOS 11.0 or later versions. So if you are using the older version iPhone then you need to update.

Tangi App Crashes

To fix the Tangi app crashes, you need to re-install the app again.

So that's how you can edit the Tangi Profile.

How to Reset Tangi App Settings

If you are planning to reset Tangi app settings, then you need to go to Settings > Apps, select Tangi app, and then tap on 'Reset to Default'.

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So those were some of the Best Tangi Tips and Tricks for iPhone & Android, atleast for the start.

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