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BLU G80 Spotted at FCC - Check Release Date & Specifications

Check out BLU G80 specifications, release date in USA, features, availability dates on Amazon, pros & cons. We have already seen the launch of BLU G90, yet another triple camera phone with Android 10 version for just $139.99. It looks like that BLU G80 will be launched along with BLU G50 to join BLU G60, G70, BLU G8, BLU G6, BLU G5, BLU G9 in the newly announced BLU G Series. This is an upcoming BLU smartphone. BLU G80: Specs | Release Date | Features | Camera | Price We have put forward the complete BLU G80 specs here - BLU… Read More

BLU Grand M4 Specs, Release Date, Price, Pros & Cons

Check out BLU Grand M4 Price, Release Date in the US, Price in UK/Canada/US, Specs, it's features, Pros & Cons. BLU Products officially launched the BLU Grand M3 in the month of June 2018 and they are now gearing up for its successor. Without any further doubt, the device will be named the BLU Grand M4 because launching just the LTE variant doesn't make sense since M3 is already a 4G LTE-compatible handset. BLU Grand M4 will be the latest BLU Mobile phone in the Grand series and it's expected to debut early next year. Here we go through rumored… Read More

BLU Vivo XL4 Plus Specifications, Pros, Price, USB Drivers, Cases & Covers

Check out BLU Vivo XL4 Plus price, release date, specifications, pros and cons. Now then the Vivo XL4 is officially launched, there will be BLU Vivo XL4 Plus coming up. It was expected along with XL4 but for some reasons it was delayed and launch not yet happened. Before Vivo XL5 comes up, there will be surely intermediate Vivo XL4+. So, let's get through BLU Vivo XL4 release date, specifications and what's the difference between the two. The BLU Vivo XL4+ in terms of numbers is a successor to Vivo XL3 Plus and comes just like it's predecessor, it will… Read More

What Will be the BLU Vivo X Successor - Vivo X View, Vivo X Plus, or Vivo X Pro

BLU Products is growing as the preferred choice when it comes to unlocked smartphone offerings in the United States. The recent launch of Grand M3 and BLU C6 proves that statement. In fact February 2018 launched Vivo XL3 which according to the TheVerge is the top choice at $110. And why not, it provides a quad-camera under the $250 price tag. Wow!!! So that was all about the latest BLU Cell Phones launched this year, let's now talk about the BLU Vivo X successor. BLU Vivo X was launched earlier this year and it's an awesome smartphone for the price. AndroidGuys… Read More