What Will be the BLU Vivo X Successor - Vivo X View, Vivo X Plus, or Vivo X Pro

BLU Vivo X Pro; BLU Vivo X View, BLU Vivo X PlusBLU Vivo X Pro; BLU Vivo X View, BLU Vivo X Plus

BLU Products is growing as the preferred choice when it comes to unlocked smartphone offerings in the United States. The recent launch of Grand M3 and BLU C6 proves that statement. In fact February 2018 launched Vivo XL3 which according to the TheVerge is the top choice at $110. And why not, it provides a quad-camera under the $250 price tag. Wow!!!

So that was all about the latest BLU Cell Phones launched this year, let's now talk about the BLU Vivo X successor.

BLU Vivo X was launched earlier this year and it's an awesome smartphone for the price. AndroidGuys in their review said that it can give you a flagship phone experience for under $250. According to a PhoneDog video, it's the most appealing BLU phone ever. So just like R1 and R1 HD, yet another phone has hit the mouth of smartphone buyers in the United States.

BLU Vivo X is the most successful BLU phone launched this year.

Now it's time to talk about BLU Vivo X successor because, in a couple of months, it will be unveiled. The question that everyone right now has - what will it be named?  Will it be called BLU Vivo X View, BLU Vivo X Plus, or BLU Vivo X Pro.

Let's discuss the chances and probabilities.

BLU Products, most of the time followed a naming convention for naming their smartphones in the Vivo Series, Studio Series, Life Series, Pure Series, Energy Series, C Series, Grand Series and Dash series.

BLU Vivo X series will expand by the end of the year as its successor will come up possibly by November or December 2018.

Now let's talk about its name.

The following names have come up:

  • BLU Vivo X View
  • BLU Vivo X Plus, or
  • BLU Vivo X Pro

The last one seems of a perfectly suitable name for the device.

What the Vivo X follow-up model would offer is still unknown yet.

Update: BLU Vivo X successor is already launched as Vivo XI. Its successor is Vivo XII and that too is also launched.