BLU G91 FAQs - Cameras, Battery, Colors Options, Quick Charging

BLU G91 is unveiled as the latest BLU Bold like phone and we have already gone through device specifications, some of the best cases and here are the FAQs related to this newest BLU mobile phone. Display FAQs Design FAQs Camera FAQs Performance FAQs Battery FAQs Common FAQs So lets move on! BLU G91 Display FAQ Q : What is BLU G91 Display size? A⇒ BLU G91 comes with a… Read More

BLU Vivo XII FAQs - Wireless Charging, Water Proof, Networks Supported

I have seen several people asking various questions regarding the BLU Vivo XII mobile phone on our Facebook group. It can be frustrating to answer them all. What I have come up with is an idea to post some FAQs through an article regarding this device. So here are the BLU Vivo XII FAQs and some questions that you can ask and they are pre-answered here - Display FAQs Design… Read More