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Check out Blue Jay Wireless Phones, Phone Number, Free Phones & Tablet & complete Blue Jay Wireless reviews.

Blue Jay Wireless is a no-contract cell phone service provider in the USA. Recently they applied for inclusion under the Affordable Connectivity program to offer limited free cell phone service in the USA, and they got the license to sell free tablets, free cell phones, and discounts on the purchase of laptops.

It's different from Jays Wireless which sells headphones in this part of the world.

Blue Jay Wireless:

You can know more details about Blue Jay here -

Blue Jay Wireless Plans

Talking about plans, there are two types of services offered -

  1. Free Cell Phone service limited to 250 minutes or texts per month + 2 other plans
  2. Full paid service with different plans as per predefined plan choice

So here are the various free cell phone plans -

  1. LifeLine Free Plan 125 with Rollover
  2. LifeLine Free Plan 250
  3. LifeLine Plan 500
  4. Tribal Resident Lifeline Unlimited Plan
  5. Tribal Resident Lifeline 1000 Plan

Non-Tribal Lifeline customers can pay $5.00 per month to get 500 total anytime minutes (250 free minutes + 250 minutes for $5.00) or $20.00 per month to get 1,000 minutes plus and 1,000 texts.

Additional Minutes:

Customers can add additional minutes on the basis of their requirements -

  • 100 Minutes or Texts – $5.00
  • 200 Minutes or Texts – $10.00
  • 500 Minutes or Texts – $20.00

Additional Data:

Apart from normal monthly data caps, you can recharge with the following options -

  • 50 MB – $5.00
  • 100 MB – $10.00
  • 250 MB – $20.00

Blue Jay Wireless SIM Card

You can order a SIM card and get started with its services.

Blue Jay Wireless at Glance

  • Provides ACP service
  • No contract phone service

Blue Jay Wireless Phone Number:

You can call the toll-free number at +1 855-425-8529 to talk to a customer care agent.

BYOD Check

Almost all mobile phones are compatible with Blue Jay.

Blue Jay APN Settings

Please enter the below-mentioned values correctly and if APN are locked, make a workaround -


Blue Jay APN

 Port  80
 MMS Proxy  80
 MMS Port
 Authentication Type
 APN Type  default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri
 APN Protocol  IPv4/IPv6
 APN Roaming Type  IPv4
 Enable/Disable APN
 Bearer  Unspecific
 MVNO Type

Blue Jay Wireless Free Phone Service:

Under the Affordable Connectivity Program, Blue Jay offers free cell phone services to eligible customers and households.

Blue Jay Account Number, PIN:

In order to transfer your service from other networks to Blue Jay and to and fro, you need your Account number and PIN. You can easily get them in two ways -

  • Through the company's official website or app
  • By Calling customer care support staff

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Transfer My Number to Blue Jay Wireless?

Please do Mobile Number Portability and clear your old carrier bills in order to get on board with Blue Jay.

How Do I Get a Replacement SIM Card for Blue Jay Wireless?

Just call customer care for SIM card replacement or mobile phone replacement.

Where is the Blue Jay Wireless Hawaii Store located?

The company has a strong presence in Hawaii. Looking for a store in Hawaii, here is its address -

4240 International Pkwy #140, Carrollton, TX 75007, United States

Phone Number: +18554258529

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Cricket Wireless Compatible Phones

Final Words:

So that's all about the Blue Jay Wireless phones, customer service phone numbers, reviews, & free cell phone services.

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Check out Blue Jay Wireless Phones, Phone Number, Free Phones & Tablet & complete Blue Jay Wireless reviews.
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