BLU Bold Aria X Bluetooth HeadPhones is now FCC Certified

BLU Bold Aria X Bluetooth headphonesBLU Bold Aria X Bluetooth headphones

BLU Products has ventured into limited electronics appliances but they are mostly popular as a smartphone brand. You might have forgotten that BLU unveiled a BLU X Link a wrist band. Although it was priced at $49.99 it couldn't fetch much customers attention. This time BLU has taken a Bold move as they have planned to launch a Bluetooth headphone. It will be called as Bold Aria X because we see it has been certified by FCC.

BLU Bold Aria X

The Bold Aria X is the BLU Bluetooth headphone launched by the company. There is nothing much we could talk about it's specifications because it's just the battery life that matters.

As seen in the image below, the Bold Bluetooth earphone includes three buttons on the front display. They are -

  • Volume Down
  • Volume Up
  • Multi Function button

There a microphone option below these three buttons.

Through the multi-function keys, you can answer or reject calls and you can speak through an inbuilt microphone.

BLU Bluetooth Headphone Price:

The BLU Bold Aria X price is expected to be around $30-$40 and it will be only available for purchase in America. If you want it then you can buy it on Amazon and ship it to your country(if shipping is supported).

Bold Bluetooth Headphones User Manual

The user manual is available for download.

Bold Aria X manual download

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