Hello Mobile APN Settings for iPhone & Android Mobiles

Hello Mobile APN Settings

Check out Hello Mobile APN Settings for iPhone & Android Mobiles (5G/4G LTE).

Access Point Name or APN settings is useful when the user is not able to connect to the data network. APN settings for Android and iPhone devices are different, and they are even different for various mobile phones and even network operators. For one mobile network operator or MVNO, these settings can be the same on Android or iPhone.

Incorrect APN settings might lead you to many errors such as being unable to make calls and 5G network not working or general SMS or MMS sending errors. So this is why proper APN settings for Hello Mobile phones are needed.

Don't worry we have covered them all in this post. So let's get started.

Hello Mobile APN Settings:

Following are the data settings for Android devices on the Hello network -

  1. Go to Settings and locate Wi-Fi & mobile data, and turn them on.
  2. Tap Mobile Networks.
  3. Tap Access Point Names.
  4. Click on New APN or sign in.
  5. Enter the settings below instructed -
    • Name: Hello Mobile
    • APN: hellomobile
    • MMSC: http://wholesalemmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 240
    • APN Type: default,supl,mms
    • MMS port: 80
    • MCC:
    • MNC:
    • APN Protocol: select >IPV4/IPV6
    • APN Type: default,dun,stdhipri,supl
  6. Tap Menu or tap the more options icon.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Select Hello Mobile under Access Point Names.
  9. Restart your phone and start using mobile data.

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Make sure to use the above settings carefully on your device.

That's one of the easiest methods available right now.

Similarly, follow these instructions for Apple iPhone models -

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on General.
  • Select Network
  • Now select Mobile Data.
  • There you go!

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So that's Hello Mobile APN Settings for Apple iPhone & Android mobiles. Also check out Hello Mobile pros & cons.

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Check out Hello Mobile APN Settings 2023 for Apple iPhone & Android Mobiles (5G/4G LTE).
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