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There was a time when people printed their resumes and rushed from one office to another in search of jobs. They either slid their resumes below the closed doors of prominent offices or mailed them in order to have themselves selected in their dream organizations. There was also a time when people walked-in and literally asked the receptionists if there was any vacancy available for them. Sometimes, people were embarrassed because they weren’t welcomed and hence, they began giving up on their hopes, feeling destructed.

While a lot of people say technological development has ruined humans, there are others who know the importance of its existence. Let’s not discuss how easy it has become for people to stay connected and why long distance relationships have started working now, but we can surely discuss how people don’t have to be frustrated anymore when they are searching for jobs. Thanks to all those amazing job portals that you have online, you don’t have to carry your resume in your bags anymore. Also, organizations don’t have to wait anymore to find the best candidates for their floors since these portals connect them with brilliant brains in the market.

If you are searching for some of the best online job portals, here is a list of the top 7 that can be of great use to you, whether you are searching for a job or you are looking for the right candidates for your organization:


How wise are you when it comes to grabbing a good job for yourself? If you want to make use of one of the most popular job portals online, you have got to depend on this name. It can help you connect with some amazing recruiters online. It is also used by some HR recruiting firms, which are third party companies that work for a bunch of popular organizations. There are FAQs here that are generally asked during interview sessions. You can practice these questions to grab the right opportunity in your life.


The most difficult thing is to get a well-paid job in the technology sector; you have to invest a lot of time in finding the right job for you and thus, it frustrates you. However, thanks to, the problem has been solved to such an extent that the technologically blessed or qualified people don’t have to undervalue themselves; they simply fill their details on this job portal and either wait for the right kind of company to approach to them or apply to the organizations when they have vacancies. In either case, the candidates can get good jobs that they have always been dreaming of.


Finding a job is not an easy task and we all know that; however, those who are very well aware of this job portal have an idea about how easy it can be to find a perfect job for themselves. No doubt it takes a time to get the right kind of company approach to you, but when you know which company can do justice to the skills you possess and pay you for the talents that you have, you can either approach it when it has a vacancy or it approaches you with a job proposal.


Naukri means ‘Job’; while most of the people think this job portal works only in India and only for Indians, it is untrue. You can access this website from any place in the world and grab the opportunity to work in your dream company. You just need to submit your updated resume and fill the correct contact details so that the right kind of companies looking for candidates like you can contact you whenever they have something that you can do justice to. If your resume has enough potential to help you grab a job under the roofs of a specific organization, you get contacted quickly.


This online portal can connect you to anyone you want to, even if it is your favorite organization’s CEO or HR manager. You need to have the correct details of this person and you can add them to your list. Once that person has accepted your request, you can communicate with them or simply have them attracted to the skills that you possess. Your skills are confirmed by your ex-employers, ex-managers or current bosses as well; this means that people can trust you more and hence, provide you with more job offers in their organizations.


From police or defense jobs to teaching jobs, from jobs in the IT industry to jobs in the railway department, there is nothing that you are not informed about on this website. You just have to be very specific in your resume so that people like what they read and they connect with you for their organization. It is important for you to have the experience to get a job in one of the most popular organizations and thus, you should mention your experience. Once people look at the experience that you possess, they are bound to connect with you on this website.


Another name that is quite prominent around the globe - TimesJobs is known for the kind of companies it has. You just need to have a brilliant resume in order to grab a good job for yourself. Your resume should be such that it attracts all the organizations that you want to. The best part is that this website has a feature to provide you with email alerts whenever a specific organization shows any sort of interest in your profile. Also, whenever there is a new vacancy that suits the kind of job you are looking for, you are alerted about the same.

If you want to get a good job for yourself, make sure you use at least a few of the portals mentioned in the list above so that you can bang that dream position and salary for yourself.

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