BLU J9L Reviews, Full Specifications, Pros & Cons - Latest BLU Android Go Phone

Check out BLU J9L reviews, full specifications, camera, price in the USA, pros & cons. BLU Products a few entry-level devices which are scheduled for launch. Among the upcoming mobiles includes the BLU G51, BLU 51 Lite, BLU G91 Pro, BLU G51 Plus, and right now we see that BLU J9L too joins the list. It's the latest Android Go phone running on the Android 11 Go Edition OS. Going through some confirmed specs of the device, the BLU J9L comes with a 6.0" qHD+ display, quad-core SoC, 1 GB RAM, & runs on Android 11 Go Edition OS. It… Read More

Best Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones 2021 - Phone Upgrade

Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones: Check out which phones are compatible with Assurance wireless. When it comes to free government phones in USA, Assurance Wireless's name comes first. It an MVNO and falls under the US Federal Lifeline Assistance program. In collaboration with T-Mobile, the company provides telecommunication services at affordable rates with pocket-friendly smartphones. It provides free phone services(free government phone service) but phones are not free as you have to purchase one. As I said you will have to purchase one handset, you can ask which phones are compatible with assurance wireless? Let me guide you to available options.… Read More

Top Best Fast Charging Cable for Android Phones, Tablets

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BLU G91 FAQs - Cameras, Battery, Colors Options, Quick Charging

BLU G91 is unveiled as the latest BLU Bold like phone and we have already gone through device specifications, some of the best cases and here are the FAQs related to this newest BLU mobile phone. Display FAQs Design FAQs Camera FAQs Performance FAQs Battery FAQs Common FAQs So lets move on! BLU G91 Display FAQ Q : What is BLU G91 Display size? A⇒ BLU G91 comes with a 6.5 inches HD+ display size. Unlike Bold N1 which has an AMOLED display, this one is with Infinity Dot display. Q : What is BLU G91 Display Resolution? A :… Read More

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Android 10 update is stable now and here check out the eligible phone list, ETA, and will my phone get Android 10 update? It's was just a couple of months back that Google announced an official name for Android Q version as Android 10. It's the tenth-anniversary special Android version, and it's named so. Leaving behind the Android 10 name and sacking of dessert naming convention, there are enough details on what devices will be getting the Android 10 update. And here we answer - Will my phone get Android 10 update? You can track all the development related to… Read More

What are System Requirements for Windows 11 - Compatibility Checker

Finally, after 7 years, Microsoft has brought a major update to their computer software called Windows operating system. The successor to Windows 10 will be called as Windows 11 and let's go through System Requirements for Windows 11 i.e., Windows 11 compatibility checker. We have already gone through process on how to take screenshot on Windows 11. So, lets check out what configuration you need in order to install Windows 11 OS. System Requirements for Windows 11 Basically, system requirements are the set of specific parameters that are the hardware for your PC to run the software without any glitch.… Read More

Samsung Android 11 Phones - Confirmed Devices to get the Update

Samsung Android 11 Phones: Here are the Samsung devices expected to get the Android 11 update. Samsung has been a prominent leader when it comes to Android both in terms of sales and in terms of software updates. After delivering Android 10 software updates to existing phones, soon it comes the time for the Android 11 update as the Android 11 version launch is already near. It will be delivered through Samsung OneUI 3.1 update that's the skin used by all Samsung devices. Samsung Android 11 Phones Here are the Sammy phone expected to get the Android 11 update -… Read More

BLU G50 Specifications, Pros, Cons, Price, Release Date & Review Online

Check out BLU G50 release date, price in USA/UK/Canada, specifications, pros, and cons. For the year 2019 and 2020, BLU Products is expanding the G Series a lot in comparison with other series. in the BLU G Series, we have already seen the launch of BLU G9, G9 Pro, BLU G8, G6, G5, G5 Plus, G60, G70 and now BLU G90, G90 Pro, G80, G50 Plus are already FCC approved. That means that those new FCC-approved devices will join the list of existing BLU G mobiles. There is also G91 in tow. Here we talk about BLU G50 specifications and… Read More

How do I get Qlink Wireless Phone Replacement | QLink Phone Lost

Here is the guide on how to get Qlink Wireless phone replacement, re-issue SIM Card, their replacement policy, warranty, terms, and conditions. Is your QLink Wireless smartphone stolen? Along with the phone, you also lose your SIM card too. First of all it's extremely sad to lose a mobile phone. Aware of this situation, telecom operators in the USA have started phone replacement and SIM replacement program providing help in such needful time. So what is a mobile phone replacement program? Let's learn more in detailed here, and we will also go through a guide on how to get Qlink… Read More

How to Disable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature

Here is how to disable disappearing WhatsApp messages feature on Android phones. WhatsApp's development team from time to time has released useful features. Infact their team after acquisition by Facebook has grown strong in the race of most popular mobile messenger app worldwide and continue to serve better as it crosses 1.5 billion active users[Source:Statista]. Recently WhatsApp announced the addition of WhatsApp disappearing messages and this time it has a lot to do with your settings i.e., on which side you want to be. Confused? Yes, you should be because you need a clear understanding of the disappearing WhatsApp messages… Read More