BLU Products CEO Samuel Ohev Zion Net Worth, Biography, Family, House, Wikipedia

Are you eager to know BLU Products CEO name? Here we have provided all the details about BLU phone company CEO. BLU stands for "Bold Like Us". It's a Miami, Florida based company that manufactures unlocked Android phones for the sale in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, and other countries. Some users need insightful info on products that they purchase. Whether you are buying BLU G91 Pro or any other BLU phone, you might search for terms like - Who is BLU Phone CEO? Who owns BLU phones? Here we go through some details on those. Samuel Ohev… Read More

BLU Bold Like us - Phones, Price List, Features

BLU Products is one of the famous unlocked smartphone makers & sellers in the United States. We have seen so many mobile phone launches in the BLU brand every year and it will continue to do so alongside the new Bold brand. Here we go through the meaning of the phrase "BLU Bold Like us". Its also know by other  terms as "blue products phone" or bule mobile. BLU Bold Like us: So, what is BLU Bold Like us? Here we give some answers to that. Actually Bold Like us is a tag line of the BLU Products company. Generally, the… Read More

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Here is how to get the Huawei Harmony OS Download, Harmony OS Phones List & features list, launcher, App Store, and Harmony OS versions. Huawei Mobiles has officially launched its own mobile operating system as Harmony OS gets official today on August 9, 2019, in China at Huawei Developer Conference. In the past few months, the Chinese smartphone giant had troubles with the US over the security concerns and clouds were looming over the future of Huawei as several companies have cancelled their alliance with Huawei. But everything happens for good, and it's a piece of good news for Huawei,… Read More

BLU G91 Pro Reviews Amazon, Release Date, Specifications, Pros & Cons

After the launch of BLU G91, G91 Pro is expected. Check out BLU G91 Pro Review, Release Date, Specifications, Pros & Cons. BLU G91 is yet another quad-camera phone by BLU Products and after this BLU is looking forward to BLU G91 Pro mobile phone. It's among the most anticipated upcoming BLU mobile phone. The device is now spotted on the FCC website. Going through BLU G91 specs (rumoured) the device is expected to be yet another quad-camera device, and it will run on the Android 10 version out of the box. It's said to have a 6.5-inch HD+ display… Read More

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After going through  BLU G91 Pro vs BLU G9 Pro, here is the detailed BLU G91 Pro vs BLU G90 comparison in terms of specs, features & pricing.       So let's check out how it goes with this comparison. BLU G91 Pro vs BLU G90 Here we have compared two mobiles with detailed specs - Detailed BLU G91 Pro BLU G90 Launch Date  2021 June 2020 Build  Unique Pattern Design  Unique Pattern Design Display  6.5 inch 1540 x 720 Infinite display screen  6.5 inch Screen to Body Ratio  ~81.0% Resolution  1440*720 pixels 720 x 1600 pixels Aspect Ratio… Read More

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Although iPhone 13 is yet to launch, the rumours related to iPhone 14 has already started to follow-in. This is definitely done for top ranking in search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing and others. So, let's talk about Apple iPhone 14 Release Date, Price, Specifications, News & Rumors as it happens in timeline format. Apple iPhone 14 It has become customary for Apple to launch 3-4 iterations of iPhone every year and this year it will be iPhone 13 series with a vanilla 13 model, a Pro model and a Mini variant. Among the four different variants, we might have… Read More

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Several people have reported on various platforms regarding the SMS/MMS or message errors on their Android phones. It says "Unsupported file, tap to try again" and finally "Message expired or not available" on their Android phone. This Unsupported file Android error is happening while opening the messages received from your friend that contains memes or emojis. Fix Unsupported File Android Error For this particular unsupported file on Android messages error happens because the file that is sent by your friend is not supported. It's clearly understood, but why? Does Android OS doesn't support certain memes or emojis? I know it's… Read More

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It's time to Download Android 11 ringtones, wallpapers stock, Alarm Tones, Notification Sounds, Android 11 Themes and Android 11 Boot Animation. There is a new Android 11 version has been officially announced in the beta version and knowing about it there are people looking for Android 11 ringtones, notification sounds, alarm tones, and boot animations. It's the latest version following the Android Pie release last year. For those users here we have shared the link to download Android 11 wallpapers, ringtones and every other item that comes bundled with the latest Android version. In order to give a new look… Read More

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After going through BLU G91 Pro vs BLU G9o Pro comparison, here is the detailed BLU G91 Pro vs BLU G9 Pro comparison in terms of specs, features, and pricing.   So let's check out how it goes with this comparison. BLU G91 Pro vs BLU G9 Pro Here we have compared two mobiles with detailed specs - Detailed BLU G91 Pro BLU G9 Pro Launch Date  2021 August 2019 Build  Unique Pattern Design  Unique Pattern Design Display  6.5 inch 1540 x 720 Infinite display screen  6.3 inch Screen to Body Ratio  ~82.6% Resolution  1440*720 pixels 1080 x 2340 pixels… Read More

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Here you can check out the Best 1 TB Memory Cards online from SanDisk, Samsung, and other sellers. We have come far in the development of technology and science. From big-sized and heavyweight phones of the 1990s to compact-sized mobile phones in 2022 with all features, the development is such that size has been decreased drastically and possibilities have increased gradually. A decade back when Android was launched, mobiles used to have 4 GB or 8 GB of inbuilt storage, and now we have mobiles with 128 GB, 256 GB and even there are mobiles with 512 GB ROM size.… Read More

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